NOTE: We are open for in-person physical and mental pain relief as well as telehealth nutrition or exercise sessions. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Pain-free, holistically

A wellness center for holistic health in Mt. Washington, Maryland

for making us a top-ranked business within the state of Maryland in 2021!

Have more energy

Suffer fewer aches and pains

Live a long, healthy life

Are you missing out on the life you were called to lead?

  • You feel like you’re missing out on special moments.
  • You aren’t handling stress the way you want.
  • You’re not feeling that you’re the parent you could be.
  • You don’t have enough energy.

Get a wellness plan tailored for your unique life.

Nutritional Coaching

What you eat and drink plays a key role in how your body is working and feeling. We’ll develop a nutrition plan that will get you more energy and less pain.


We find that acupuncture and cupping is a great an alternative to medicine and surgery. We’ll assess your needs and can often provide drastic, same-day relief.

Infrared Sauna

A safer alternative to muscle relaxants, the infrared sauna is used to promote a number of things like muscle recovery, blood pressure, weight loss and detox.


You don’t have to fear getting older. Get the energy and stamina you need with exercise and stretching. Exercise classes exclusively for people ages 50-90.

I get it –
prioritizing your
health can be hard.

I’ve been there, too. I know what it feels like to not prioritize your health. But I also know how powerful I am when I do prioritize it.
Looking for Natural Pain Relief? Relievin' Pain Is Cara-Michele’s Passion | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center | Baltimore, MD
“Cara-Michele started giving me regular acupuncture treatments, and within week or so I was sleeping through the night without any pain at all.”
– Gina
“Before I went to Cara-Michele, I had excruciating TMJ pain, taking painkillers every two hours. After an hour with Cara-Michele, I felt extreme relief. The pain went away like magic.”
– Zamara

Meet Cara-Michele

I understand how hard it is to live the life you were called to live when you’re in pain. You can’t be creative, flexible, thoughtful, understanding or playful when you’re experiencing pain, sleepless nights, anxiety or depression on a regular basis. Since 2005, I have helped clients like you feel mentally and physically stronger without medicine or surgery. You deserve to feel your best.
cara-michele meal prep

How it Works

1. Make an Appointment

Call and set up a time to meet with me to discuss your wellness goals.

2. Get a free consultation

In the session, we’ll get to know one another and discover how I can help you reach your goals.

3. Start your feel-better journey

We’ll assess how your body responds to nutrition, muscle testing and acupuncture to create a long-term wellness plan just for you.

Purchase Standard Process

You can now purchase Standard Process products through Strength & Vitality Wellness! Standard Process products emphasize the importance of concentrated whole food-based ingredient sources and herbs in the product lines. Learn more and purchase today!

Download our Free Guide: 7 Ways to Relieve Back and Joint Pain

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