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Consistent Mental and Physical Strength for Busy Working Women

Discover if your current self-care routine is moving you towards the person you want to be.

Have confidence that your wellness plan will take you where you want to go

Have faith that your mind and body will support you all the way through your day

Consistently feel proud of how you show up for the people and project you love

Strong relationships matter.

Consistent mental and physical energy is the foundation for showing up as your best for yourself and the people you care about.


  • Are you as patient and thoughtful as you want to be?

  • Are you your best self for your family and friends?

  • Is your energy drained before your commitments are complete?

Wellness Plans Tailored
for Your Unique Life

Infrared Sauna

A safer alternative to muscle relaxants, the infrared sauna is used to promote a number of things like muscle recovery, blood pressure, weight loss and detox.

Pain & Discomfort Relief

Acupuncture, cupping, and natural anti-inflammatories instead of medicine and surgery.

Exercise Classes

Let your mind and body be assets for your life instead of liabilities. Exercise classes exclusively for people ages 45-65.

Habits That Stick

Daily routines that lock in positive changes you don't have to think about.


Community and Partnership so you never feel like your walking alone.​

Track & Measure Progress

Knowing your starting point and tracking your progression, assures that your headed in the right direction.
We get it, prioritizing your health can be hard.

Watch these success stories from women just like you.

 You know what it feels like to not prioritize your health.  But you also know how powerful you feel when you do.

Top wellness provider in the state of Maryland in 2019- 2024.

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Meet Cara-Michele

Since 2005, I have helped clients like you feel mentally and physically stronger without medicine or surgery.

I understand how hard it is to live the life you are called to when you’re in pain, frustrated by fatigue, and ready to throw in the towel because self-care feels so complicated.

I want you to know that you can simplify your self-care plan, create energizing daily routines you can sustain, and feel proud of how you show up with less stress and struggle than you think.

Cara-Michele has made learning and forming routines (and eventually habits) fun and doable by the bite-size AND buildable pieces of info she shares!  It is all coming together over time!


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