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Below Are a Few Things to Look out For

First, we will call/email you to set up your Free Consultation. Second, we will send you two emails. The first email will have your electronic intake forms. The second will have your wellness survey. Both of these forms are confidential and HIPAA compliant. Fill them out online and submit them back to us.

Get a Jump Start on the 90-Day Power Up!

“Big Why” Statement

Take the first step of our 90-Day Power Up by defining your “Big Why” statement. Please complete this and bring it with you to our first consultation to receive a free gift.

Tracking Sheet

Would you like to track your progress? Our Exemplar Tracking Sheet will help you keep your eye on the practices that will deliver you to your goals the easiest and fastest.

2-Minute Cookie in a Cup

When you join 90-Day Power Up you’ll receive tons of cooking tips and video showing you have to enjoy tasty low card snacks and meals. Watch our 2-minute cookie in a cup video – this is just a “taste” of the support you’ll receive when you join the 90-Day Power Up.

Intake Form

If you are coming in for a free consultation or your first appointment, please click the button below to fill out our intake, policy and consent to treatment forms online. If you are coming in for our 90-Day Upgrade Program, we will send you a link to the symptom survey we would also need you to fill out.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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