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About Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

Hi, I’m Cara-Michele, licensed acupuncturist, nutrition counselor, personal trainer & the owner of Strength & Vitality Wellness Center.

Simplifying health and wellness is my motto and daily intention.

My goal is to help you regain your mental and physical strength and vitality for the people and passions in your life that matter most.  I understand how hard it is to be creative, flexible, thoughtful, understanding, or playful when you are experiencing pain, sleepless nights, or anxiety and depression on a regular basis.  My job is ot help you feel mentally and physically stronger as quickly as possible without the use of surgery or medication and then give you the tools, practices, and resources for long lasting optimal wellness.

I am forever amazed at how regenerative and renewing the body can be if given the right tools. We should never settle for limited states of health without trying proven unconditional therapies, such as whole food nutrition, acupuncture, movement, and infrared sauna.  Many times what we accept as “just the way my body is,” is simply an imbalance that has existed for many years and is now being seen or felt. I can help you get rid of these imbalances and feel your best again so that you can focus more on the things you love and enjoy.

Your Journey From Pain to Getting Back to the Fun Stuff

Day 1

  • Set up your acupuncture-free consultation and first appointment
  • Give us your insurance information so we can check on your coverage
  • Fill out your forms online and submit them
  • Receive a confirmation text and email
Day 1

2-5 Days Later

  • Come in for your appointment 10 minutes early
  • Start your consultation on time
  • Free nutrition assessment
  • First acupuncture appointment
  • Discuss and design plan of action
  • Receive natural anti-inflamatories
  • Possibly notice some relief by the end of the first session
2-5 Days Later

4 acupuncture sessions later

  • 10-20% less frequency of pain
  • Pain levels lower by 10-20% when it odes happen
  • Pain goes away 10-20% faster when it does happen
  • Begin to reduce inflammatory foods
4 acupuncture sessions later

8-12 acupuncture sessions later

  • 50% less frequency of pain
  • Pain levels lower by 50% when it does happen
  • Pain goes away 70% faster when it does happen
  • Begin introducing stretches and corrective exercise
8-12 acupuncture sessions later

20-50 acupuncture sessions later

  • 95% less frequency of pain
  • Pain levels lower by 90% when it does happen
  • Pain goes away 90% faster when it does happen
20-50 acupuncture sessions later


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