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Strength & Vitality Accelerator

Health plan feeling scattered? Not feeling confident in your relationships with loved ones? Always putting yourself last?
How you feel makes all the difference.

Taking care of the people you love and building strong relationships doesn’t happen accidentally. 

Your actions depend on your current mental and physical reserves. The older you get the harder it is to summon the energy needed to feel and do your best.

What is the cost of having these problems?

We've been committed to helping women like you get off the health and wellness rollercoaster since 2005.

The Strength & Vitality Accelerator focuses on the fundamentals that are scientifically proven to build mental and physical energy and turn them into habits that allow you to feel proud of how you show up for the people and projects you care about.

Consistency Formula

What drives you

You and For Who

Knowing why it is critically important to accomplish a challenging project is always the first step towards success.
In the Strength & Vitality Accelerator, we like to break the driving forces of health and wellness into three questions:
  1. Who do you want to be – If you were the woman of your dreams, who would you be?
  2. Who needs/deserves the best version of you?
  3. What’s at stake if you fail?  The long-term consequences of settling for a mediocre you.

How you want to feel during your wellness journey

Choose The Feel Good Route

There is a process to achieving our goals.  
How you want to feel is the most overlooked aspect of creating effective health and wellness plans and routines.
Strength & Vitality Accelerator allows intentionally slow practice to grow into confidence-building momentum that results in magnetic habits that stick. 
The sure-fire success approach transforms shame, struggle, negative self-talk, and disappointment into ease, control, pride, and success.

Be selective with your limited time

Focus On Practice That Are Proven To Build Energy

Many Everyday Heroes demonstrate lackluster performances because they are standing on weak foundations.

Strong foundations are created by putting your limited resources into the daily activities that actually produce long-term mental and physical energy instead of just a flash in the pan.

Highly effective, easily accessible, and simply sustainable daily routines help you to feel your best right now. BONUS the same practices are the catalyst for your physical beauty, optimal cognition, and strong mobility as you age.

CM Head Shot

A Warm Introduction from Cara-Michele Nether,
the Founder of Strength & Vitality
and the Strength & Vitality Accelerator:


Nearly two decades ago, in 2005, our initial steps under the
banner “Women in Wellness” were taken with one vision in mind:
to simplify the health and wellness journey of the countless busy,
working women who juggle familial responsibilities, professional
ambitions, community endeavors, and more.

Through Strength & Vitality Wellness, we’ve been honored to
create a sanctuary for these everyday heroes, deciphering their
unique challenges and aspirations. And we’ve discovered a
common thread — a profound need for the mental and physical
energy that fuels their myriad roles with passion and pride.

Hear From Recent Participants

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Discover the unseen pitfalls that are getting in your way.

The Strength & Vitality Accelerator program is a fit if you:

I started the program after accepting a new position, going from teacher to assistant principal at my school. It was an immediate thought that I needed to get my body in shape and function to my highest capacity … The biggest benefits are that I feel better, I see a difference in how my clothing fits, and I have less pain.

—Kimberly, Recent Participant

Ready to Recharge?

Take the first step towards rejuvenating your mental and physical energy reserves. Begin your journey with Strength & Vitality Wellness today, and continue being the Superwoman that you are – without the self-sacrifice.

Though the program begins on a rolling basis, there are limited spots available. Reach out today for your free consultation with Cara-Michele to explore how this program can meet your strength and vitality goals. No commitment needed for the call!  

Take the step to finally find something that boosts your health, confidence, and joy. We’ll say it again: you’re worth the investment. 

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Cara-Michele has made learning and forming routines (and eventually habits) fun and doable by the bite-size AND buildable pieces of info she shares!  It is all coming together over time!

—Vicky, Current Participant

It's a fact: your daily life reflects your mental and physical energy reserves.

When sleep eludes you, back pain persists, or you can’t help but feel guilty for taking time for yourself, it’s a sign that you are regularly running on an empty battery. Strength & Vitality Wellness is here to help you get off the health and wellness rollercoaster and feel proud of how you show up for the people and projects you love. 

Get started by downloading our brochure today.

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