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Comprehensive Care with Acupuncture, Nutrition & Exercise

Congratulations on your efforts to take care of your health and wellness! If you are reading this, you are on the right track.

Our Comprehensive Approach Combines Acupuncture, Nutrition and Exercise for Maximum Health Benefit

At Strength & Vitality Wellness Center, we can teach you how to eat right, feel better or exercise more, but what we are really good at is helping you find the right balance all the aspects for your specific life circumstances. Wellness efforts such as acupuncture, nutrition and exercise all work together to make you feel your best.

Are You Undermining Your Own Efforts? Acupuncture, Nutrition and Exercise Can Help!

Let’s say you went to gym and had a great 30-minute workout. On your way home, the hunger hit you and you stopped by a fast food place to grab a burger and fries. Do you see a disconnect here? And it’s not just about adding back the calories you’ve just burned. The goal of exercise is to build a stronger, healthier body, and it’s only natural that your nutrition supports this goal as well.

Working out can be tough on your body.  And this is a time when you need vitamins, minerals and nutrients more than ever. Similarly, when you use acupuncture to balance your body’s energy or to treat pain or discomfort, a nutrient-filled eating strategy can give your cells the fuel they need to function at an optimal level. When our glands are strong, organs are clean and our energy is running smoothly, children are more at ease and attentive, adolescents are more calm and balanced, and adults have more energy, more self-aware and empowered, leading to more fulfilling and generous living.

We can help you combine and balance whole food nutrition, acupuncture and exercise

meditatingAcupuncture helps move our energy to prevent or resolve stuck energy that causes imbalance and pain. Acupuncture moves energy from one place of stagnation to another place of deficiency on the levels of our mind, body and spirit to restore balance and even flow.

Whole Food Nutrition ensures that our immune systems, skeletal-muscular  system, nervous system, hormonal system and organs function without concern. If your car doesn’t get the right fuel, it will make noise and eventually break down. The same goes for our bodies.

Exercise helps keep your heart healthy and your body strong, which in turn gives a boost to your immune system and provide you with energy to do great things.

Why Combine Them?

Let’s think of it like this: If you were going to build a strong house (your body) you would want a highly skilled worker (Qi) and the best building materials (whole food). The energy in our body is strengthened by the nutrient-rich food, and together they become the framework (muscle and bones), plumbing (digestion system), wiring (nervous system) etc. needed to build a structure that is strong and sustainable. Exercise is your home improvement that helps you maintain this house in a good shape.

The first foundational steps for everyone are to understand what your current energetic and nutritional status is. To accomplish this, Cara-Michele starts everyone off with a complete acupuncture and nutrition exam. This includes testing zinc, iodine, calcium, all organ and gland function and energy stagnation that may be known and unknown contributors to your concerns. This approach allows Cara-Michel to account for each person’s uniqueness and the common processes we all have to go through.

Have questions or want to see the benefits of the comprehensive approach for yourself? Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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