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Personal Training and Movement

Physical Movement training for those over 50

Are you getting old or just growing older?


Exercise & Tai Chi Classes!


THE GUIDANCE OF QUALIFIED PHYSICAL TRAINERS– We only hire trainers who are Functional Aging Specialist.  This way we ensure that each trainer knows how to work with people in their 50, 60, 70 and even 90’s.

A COMMUNITY OF OTHER ACTIVE INDIVIDUALS OVER THE AGE OF 50– working with like-minded people always make working out easier.

GROUP TRAINING AND ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS– small groups mean lots of personal attention and fewer injuries.

  • Free Assessment and Intro Package –Signing up for our free assessment and introduction package give us a chance to learn your specific needs.
  • Nutrition comes first– Exercise right with the wrong nutrition plan and whole program will fall apart. Your free assessment includes a nutrition assessment. Having a trainer with proven nutrition skills is invaluable.
  • She understands pain –PHOTO Cara-Michele is the only personal trainer certified to work with people 50 and older, nutrition counselor and licensed pain specific acupuncturist in the state of Maryland.

Nothing feels better than a session in our infrared sauna session after your workout.  Give us a call for more information.

Need a deeper nutrition assessment.  Sign up for our in-office measurement and report of finding sessions.

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