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Self Defense and Rolling Classes

We are happy two offer two new classes: the self defense class and the rolling class. The focus of the self defense class is on how to avoid becoming a victim of a robbery or a violent crime and what to do if you are attacked. Being mentally and emotionally safe is our number one priority. The rolling class focuses on being able to get to the ground safely after being knocked down or simply losing your footing, which is an important skill to have. Many broken wrists and dislocated shoulders are a result of trying to break one’s fall. Experimenting on our soft-padded sprung mat is a safe way to practice falling—something we are all bound to do.

Class Info

Length: 1 hour for each class

Age limit: no limit

Class size: 10-12

Schedule: Saturdays, 9am – Rolling Class; 1pm – Self Defense Class

Cost: $15 per class

Discount: 5-class package for $60 (save $15)

Enrollment type: open enrollment, join any time

Registration: please email us to register before attending

Take as many or as few classes as you like and feel free to mix and match. There will be a free trial sessions June 27, 2015. Click here to register (click on classes then look for the Saturday schedule). Email Cara-Michele at with any questions!

Who are These Classes for?

The self defense class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn basic self defense skills. And the rolling class is great for anyone regardless of age if you want to learn how to fall without suffering an injury. Age and gender don’t matter—we all fall and we all could use a bit more confidence when walking alone to our vehicle late at night. Whether you are an elementary school teacher or a fitness instructor, you will find something useful in this class.

About Your Instructor

Cara-Michele Nether, sempai
Cara-Michele Nether

Both classes were designed and are led by Sempai Cara-Michele Nether who has a great reputation for approachable, practical and user-friendly instruction style. You can expect the same high-quality experience and personal service as she provides in her Baltimore acupuncture and wellness practice.

Cara-Michele was trained by the Officer Kyle Olinger who taught her that the vast majority of assailants want to choose an easy target. If you feel confident and express that to the world you are a less desirable target.


What You Get

  • Exercise – Between the warm up, stretching rolling, punching and kicking you will notice a significant change in your conditioning in just a few weeks.
  • Stress Relief – Letting out your frustration on the punching bags and kicking shields is not only therapeutic but also lots of fun.
  • Comradery – Hanging out with old friends and making new friends is always an important thing to do. When you can do it around the common goal of self-improvement and fun, good times are inevitable.

Contact us if you have any questions or to reserve your spot in the class.

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