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Reasons to Attend the Strong & Clear Retreat

Strong & Clear# 1 You will leave the Strong and Clear One Day Retreat with habits that fit into your goals.  Our professionals know that the little daily habits are what create room and forward momentum in our lives.  Working hand-in-hand with our professionals around cooking, nutrition and understanding your passion and purpose will allow you to learn and implement the rituals that create more energy and ease in your life.  It’s kind of like learning to tie your shoes.  Someone worked with you until you embodied the steps needed to tie your own laces.  After that you began to tie them without any struggle or thought.  It became a habit.  Eating well and knowing yourself as a healer and leader will also become a habit with the right support.

If your habits and rituals are holding you from your goals, join us.  You have nothing to lose and energy and ease to gain.

# 2 Gain the habits and rituals of a holistic life system 

Do you remember the last time that you felt like life was smooth, easy and flowing?  It is likely that you were eating well, exercising, were rested, money was not issue.  You felt great and so even your relationships were easier.  Felt great didn’t it?  How long did it last?

Thanks goodness that we have those moments when life seems to line up perfectly and all is well.  Strong and Clear is here to help you truly embody the right habits every day so that you don’t have to think about them or wait for the tooth fairy to wave her wand your way.  The right daily habits equal the perfect daily flow.

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