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Acupuncture as a Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

Acupuncture as a Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief

Acupuncture as a Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center When the body experiences allergies it is because of “a massive release of IgE antibodies, which attach to white blood cells known as mast cells. These cells are mostly located in the lungs and upper respiratory tract, the lining of the stomach, and the skin. When these cells are stimulated, they release a number of chemicals, including histamine, which produce the allergic reactions. This is a misplaced immunity, and a learned response by the immune system.” When your body is over-producing histamines it takes a toll on your immune system.

Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief Now!

Many people seek acupuncture for natural seasonal allergy relief and studies prove that acupuncture can, in fact, help with the uncomfortable symptoms of seasonal allergies. While antihistamines may help some, others do not find relief or do not like the side effects that antihistamines may produce. Whether you are looking for natural seasonal allergy relief, or want to add something to boost your current allergy program, acupuncture can help.

In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, seventy-one percent of allergy suffering participants reported improvement of symptoms due to acupuncture. There was also less use of antihistamines among those who found acupuncture to work as a natural seasonal allergy relief.

While some who receive acupuncture for allergies feel immediate relief (reduced nasal congestion, reduced sneezing), some require a series of treatments. Dietary changes can often help with allergies as well, as those who report long-lasting results from acupuncture benefit from reducing sugar and dairy intake.

Are you looking for natural seasonal allergy relief? We are here to help. We offer acupuncture for seasonal allergies as well as many other issues such as pain and stress. Call us at (410) 296-4028 to make your acupuncture appointment today!


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