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Join Us for the Annual Baltimore Women’s Classic

by Kidada N. Fields, M.Ac., L.Ac.

It’s that time again, ladies! Whether you’re a hardcore marathoner looking for a good warm-up or a couch potato looking for your remote, the annual Baltimore Women’s Classic is a 5K (that’s 3.1 mi) run or walk supporting a cause we can all get up and get moving for. The BWC takes place every year at the end of June (Sunday, June 24th in 2012) with proceeds going to provide services to women who are in treatment for gynecological cancers. So, lace up your running shoes and check out the top five reasons why the BWC is so worth your time and effort.

1)      Running or walking in the BWC is a great way to get in shape! Warm summer days are right around the corner and many of us are preparing to show off a little more of our physique. If liquid diets and a new gym membership seem to be on your horizon, why not commit to the BWC and look at it as a jump start to your fitness routine. The Baltimore Women’s Classic offers eight week training sessions led by experienced runners who will pass on invaluable pearls of wisdom when it comes to making your way to the finish line. These voluntary weekly trainings will be held at sites in Baltimore City, Towson, Catonsville and Ellicott City.

2)      Winter is over, so come on out of hibernation! Although we have had a relatively warm winter with very little snow (hmmm…can anybody say, ‘global warming’), the energy of our northeastern region was still down, in and cold. Now spring is upon us and training for the BWC is a great reason to get outside, find a scenic place to train, soak up some sun rays (with the added bonus of vitamin D) and really enjoy the beauties of spring.

3)      Get your girlfriends and get moving! Who says peer pressure is all bad? Having an exercise buddy (or a few for that matter) is great for motivation. Get together with a good friend or a group to train together, laugh together, encourage one another and walk across the finish line together. It will make for a memorable experience!

4)      Take time to meet others of like mind. Supporters of the BWC come from all walks of life. Take the opportunity to branch out and possibly meet people who will become part of your personal or professional network. Who knows, you may find a buddy with whom you have more in common than you think.

5)      Come on out for a great cause! The monies generated from the BWC go to help women whose quality of life has been affected by ovarian, vaginal, cervical, uterine and/or vulvar cancer. Unfortunately, more and more women are being diagnosed with some form of gynecological cancer each year and they are often unable to perform daily tasks such as cooking, shopping, washing clothes, driving, etc. The funds generated from the BWC will go towards assisting and empowering women who are coping with cancer.

So, there it is. From my own personal experience I can say that participating in the BWC (and events with a similar purpose) is truly gratifying and I look forward to being the team leader for the Women In Wellness team once again this year. If you are interested in participating in the BWC as part of our team, please feel free to contact me at We’d love to have you!

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