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Are you really getting what you need? The Catalyn Experience

Are you really getting what you need?

Welcome to the Catalyn Experience.  Want to know how much better you would feel if you were actually getting the nutrition your body deserved? Clients who have used the whole food supplements from Standard Process have reported less pain, better sleep at night, less joint aches, ease in menstrual discomfort and an overall sense of calm.

For many years now Women in Wellness has upheld a whole-food, plant-based diet as an important topic to talk to our clients about.  As human beings we have eaten fruits and vegetables as a main staple of our diet for thousands of years.  These days many of us are lucky to eat four or five meals a week that are 70% plant based.  I have come to realize that there are 3 main reasons why it is hard to maintain a whole food diet:

  1. Cooking pre-processed foods is often easier and quicker than finding the time to prepare meals.
  2. It can be tricky to understand how to choose, store and creatively cook all the varieties of fruits and veggies available to us.
  3. Our busy schedules often call for us to obtain our meals from fast food chains and restaurants regularly.

Women in Wellness believes that given the proper nutrition our body can heal itself.  We also know that no two people have the same nutritional needs.   So, we are excited to work with one of world most respected manufacturer of whole food supplements.  The Catalyn Experience is an opportunity to have firsthand knowledge of the benefits of a whole food multivitamin.  Those chosen for this experience will receive a free nutritional exam, an $80.00 value, and a 30-day supply of Catalyn for only $10.50.

To add to the difficulty of getting good food in our diet, there are a few more things we should consider.

  1. After years of conventional farming practices, the soil in which our food is grown has fewer nutrients than it did years ago, and our food is less nutrient rich.
  2. Many of the fruits and veggies that we purchase have been treated with pesticides and herbicides.  Our bodies have to expend energy and resources managing these foreign substances.
  3. Many people who take supplements to cover the gaps in their nutrition are choosing supplements that are derived from man-made products versus food products, which our bodies naturally recognize.
  4. Because of the previously mentioned reasons, many of us are overfed and under nourished and don’t even know it.

If you are interested in participating in the Catalyn experience call 410 296-8425 and leave a message for Cara Michele.  I personally have benefited from getting more organic veggies into my diet through the use of these products and I know you will too.

In Partnership,

Cara Michele

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