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by Cara Michele Nether

I have included cleansing in my wellness plan for about the last 6 years. Twice a year I give up my regular diet and limit my intake to a few foods and liquids that provide me with my nutritional needs. At first I was very nervous because I thought that I would be sick, weak and unable to take care of my everyday responsibilities. I decided to do some research and learn more about the whole concept of cleansing first.  Here are some of the things I learned:

1. Cleansing has been a part of all the ancient cultures around the world for centuries.
2. Many medical professionals report that it is useful to give our digestive track an opportunity to rest even if only for a few days.
3. Our bodies need very little of the processed foods we take in on a regular basis.
4. We actually become bogged down with the chemicals, pesticides, and toxins we take in by being exposed to smog, paint, new carpets, ink, dust, glues, and cleaners.
5. Cleansing is a time to allow our body the time and energy it takes to let go of all the junk we have accumulated.

My first cleanse was the Master Cleanser and I lasted for 3 days before I got a little nervous. In the beginning I felt a bit hungry all the time and had the sensation of wanting to chew on something. So, I quit after 3 days. I don’t think that 3 days was enough time to give me the full effects of the cleanse, but I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I had a level of self discipline that I didn’t know I had. 3 days and no corn chips. 3 days of no breads. 3 days of sticking to what I thought was good for me. I was very proud of myself.

At this point in my life my cleanses are longer, and planning for them ahead of time helps me to accomplish my goals. I know that in the first few days I am, most likely, going to feel a bit tired. After all, I am changing a major routine for my body and that takes extra energy to deal with. Because of this, I usually start on a Friday after work. This way my first few days are over the weekend and I can plan to take it easy and stay around the house. I let everyone know that I am cleansing and not to bring any big projects over for the next couple of days. I sleep, read, take hot baths and sleep some more all through the weekend. It’s great. By the time Monday comes around I feel fine. I’m not hungry and my energy levels are the same or just a smidge lower that usual. The greatest part is that I feel wonderful. Light, energetic, clear and positive are words that I would use to describe my overall being.

When it is time for me to transition out of the cleanse, I do so over several days. Taking my time allows my body an opportunity to get used to solid foods again and also gives me the chance to see how my body reacts to the return of different foods. This lets me see what I think I need versus what my body really wants.

You will find lot of information about the Master Cleanser and cleansing in general below. You can purchase the Master Cleanser book from I encourage you to take your time, read the information, talk with your doctor and try it for yourself.

Additional Resources on Cleansing

This is an entry from the Master Cleanser website’s discussion forum. I have found it to be a great way to learn how to introduce the Master Cleanser into your wellness plan.

Good Luck!

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