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Emotional Spring Cleaning

by Heather Clark

“As long as one keeps searching, the answers will come”
Joan Baez (1941) U.S. folksinger

It’s springtime! After experiencing such a harsh winter and literally being held hostage by the blizzard, it is like a breath of fresh air to welcome the spring season.

Spring is a time of awakening, a time of exploration, a time to shed those heavy bulky clothes from the winter, and a time to clean.  Many of us usually take inventory of the physical objects we need to let go of, pack away or even replace. The windows need to be washed, the carpets need to be cleaned, the garden needs to be pruned and we need to wash and pack away the winter clothes to make room for the spring clothes. During the spring, the sun is shining its beautiful bright light and the senses are awakened. There are so many possibilities on the horizon. This time of year is perfect for emotional spring cleaning.

Emotional spring cleaning – this could involve some heavy lifting! Often times we go through our lives without evaluating the impact our emotions have on the way we are present in the world. Positive emotions give off almost a euphoric feeling. They Motivate, Energize and Empower. This is the breakfast of champions! However, negative emotions can cause harm to the mind, body and spirit. Negative emotions can drain energy from the body creating emotional and physical disease.

Many choose to perform a body cleanse or detox at the change of the seasons. This practice rids the body of toxins and allows room for the body to re-energize and absorb the necessary nutrients for the next season. Spring should also represent an emotional cleansing. Evaluate the feelings that have been carried through the winter. Take an honest look at the emotions that will be of benefit now, in the present.  Decide which emotions need to be washed away. Let them go and allow room for the positive energy to flow. Allow the new sprouts to push their way through the soil.  Make room for the new possibilities and creative energy that defines the spring season. This is the perfect time of year to be present and in the now, so wash away last season’s emotions and spring forward with the new!

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