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Feed The Borborygmi

by Cara Michele Nether, L.Ac.,M.Ac., NADA RT

Borborygmi is the name that is given to some of the sounds that our stomachs make.  You know the loud, rumbling noise that shows up at the perfect moment when everyone else is silent during your meeting at work.  In this article I want to look at how borborygmi is a useful signal from our body, what our bodies may be trying to tell us, and why whole food supplements are important.

One of the sounds that our stomach makes is growling.  This happens when your stomach walls squeeze together in an attempt to mix and digest food on an empty stomach. Gases and digestive juices slosh around in your stomach making all kinds of crazy noises… borborygmi.

Most of us equate hunger with an empty stomach. Over the years I have come to learn that hunger really has nothing to do with it. The amazing and sobering truth is that our stomach growls because certain nutrients are missing in the blood. So, it is really the nutrient make-up of our blood or lack thereof, that determines whether we are actually hungry or not, and the growling signals whether we’ve given the body what it needs.

The crazy and unfortunate part of all of this is that our stomach and intestines will accept anything that lands in them whether it is nutrient-dense food or not.  When we consume processed foods that contain very little of the vitamins and minerals, our stomach feels full even if our meal was not nutritionally sound. This means we have to be the guardians of our bodies because the stomach cannot distinguish nutrient-rich food from nutrient-deficient food.

Consuming processed foods or pre-packaged fruits and veggies means that we are taking in less nutrient-dense foods.  Many of the commercial farming practices strip the nutritional richness that is natural in our food, and some of the processes compromise our bodies’ ability to maintain the vitamins we currently have.  Because our blood stream is constantly asking for these missing elements, we are bound to overeat and tack on a lot of unnecessary calories.

A really unhealthy eating habit is created because even though we may feel full we have never fed the stomach what the blood stream was asking for from the beginning. So, a half-hour after eating the stomach growls in search of those vitamins and minerals that support healthy cell growth vital to proper organ functioning, detoxification, strong bones, and a robust cardiovascular system.  Again, we attempt to satisfy it by eating more nutrient-deficient food.

The whole food supplements that Women in Wellness offers are made from 100% organic vegetables and can help you fill the nutritional gaps that this type of cycle may cause.  Eating a whole food diet, sometimes hard to fit into a busy schedule, is extremely important. The proper vitamins and minerals can make all the difference in food consumption and overall health and well-being. If you’re interested in trying a whole food multivitamin please call Cara Michele at Women in Wellness 410 296-4028.

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