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Did Somebody Say Happy Hour?

by Kidada N. Fields, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Happy hour – great drinks, great conversation …. acupuncture? Yes, you read correctly – acupuncture. Swap your martini for a cup of herbal tea and your hangover for a more than temporary feeling of deep relaxation when you join us for Acupuncture Happy Hour every Friday at Women In Wellness from 6-7pm. Mingle with great people in a relaxing atmosphere while receiving a 30 minute acupuncture treatment that will help put even the hardest of work weeks behind you and settle your mind/body for the week ahead. This is a wonderful opportunity to end your work week on a high note and get your weekend off to a great start.

The treatment we offer during our Acupuncture Happy Hour has been used around the world for years to help people deal with the daily stress, trauma, and addictions we all encounter in one form or another. The treatment, referred to as the Five Needle Protocol, involves the placement of five pins in specific points/zones of your ear. Each point has a specific function.

The first point, called Sympathetic, is used to help all of you (body and mind) relax. People who pay close attention to their body generally feel this deep feeling of relaxation as soon as this point is worked on. Next, there is Shen Men, which means Heart’s Gate when translated into English. When we work with this point, we are asking the heart’s gifts to come out and shine. This point is about acceptance and the interconnectedness of love for self and others. The last four points we work with during the protocol are specific organ/official points that help the organs/officials bring themselves into balance. They are the Kidney, Liver and Lung points. Let us look at some of the deeper aspects of these organs/officials:

  • The Kidneys house our will and intellect. Sometimes fear can hold people back from moving forward in their life. The Kidney point helps release inner fears so you can walk forward wisely. The Kidneys also relate to our sleep. The stimulation of this point can also help you experience sounder sleep.
  • The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of chi (life force energy), including our emotions. Working with the Liver point is helpful when we must let go of anger and deal with the frustrations and disappointments of life in a more productive manner.  This treatment is also helpful if someone consumes a lot of alcohol or has accumulated heat in their Liver due to heating foods, alcohol consumption or festering anger. If drinking alcohol is a way that you release tension, try this treatment instead. The tension release is longer lasting and better for your health.
  • The Lungs bring in air from the heavens and help us to live in the moment. Learning to be at peace with the here and now reduces stress and opens us up to a whole new world of possibilities. Working with the Lung point will also benefit smokers by releasing some of the heat accumulated in that organ due to smoking.

Recipients of the Five Needle Protocol have said they felt, “clearer,” “softer,” “more relaxed,” and “happier,” after treatment. People have reported a reduction in cravings for alcohol and cigarettes, a reduction in bodily pain, and an improvement in the quality of their sleep due to the protocol. Personally, I use this treatment to help me relax and calm down when I am nervous, jumpy or irritable. I am amazed at how it calms me and how different the feeling is each time. I also notice that the day after the treatment, I feel clearer and rejuvenated. I highly recommend it and would love for you to come out and see the benefits for yourself.

Decide to do something great for your mind, body and soul and join us every Friday for an evening of rejuvenation. Your body will thank you for it!

NOTE: While Kidada is no longer offering the weekly Acupuncture Happy Hour, if this treatment sounds like it would be useful to you, she would be happy to speak to you about setting up an appointment!  Contact her at 410.296.4028 or

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