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Fuel Your Engines: Cara-Michele's Nutrition and Wellness Book Now Available | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

Fuel Your Engines: Cara-Michele’s Nutrition and Wellness Book Now Available

Fuel Your Engines: Cara-Michele's Nutrition and Wellness Book Now AvailableHave you ever wondered how to gain optimal nutrition and wellness but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to regain your mental and physical strength and vitality? You’re in luck! Cara-Michele’s book Fuel Your Engines, a book dedicated to easing you into the nutrition and wellness world, is now available online and in our office.

Cara-Michele strives to support clients in changing their energy deficiency. In fact, the 90-Day Power Up nutrition and wellness program was born out of this very concept. Due to the numerous lifestyle practices that can impact our ability to feel mentally and physically strong and vital, our energy levels can wax and wane. While physical practices can have an affect, none of them outshine the practice of a daily well-rounded nutrient dense diet.

Fuel Your Engines is meant to help those who are new to the wellness world so that they can understand and interact with foods that truly… fuel your engines! If you are new to the whole food lifestyle, allow Cara-Michele’s book to give you an easy-to-digest overview. The simple lessons, action steps and meal plan will guide you to an eating style that feels good to you both mentally and physically.

Readers can follow the book on their own, by joining our 90-Day Power Up or by taking part in our group classes.

Fuel Your Engines can be purchased at our offices for a discounted rate of $8.99. This book is also available on Amazon. For more information on purchasing this book call us at (410) 296-4028.

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