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Holistic Living Tips to Create a Balanced Life - Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

Holistic Living Tips to Create a Balanced Life

Holistic Living Tips to Create a Balanced Life - Strength & Vitality Wellness CenterHolistic living applies to each person’s life differently, but the theory of it remains the same. In order to create a balanced life one must examine all aspects of their lifestyle choices, from food to relationships to activity levels. This doesn’t mean to jump on the latest diet bandwagon and enroll in a fitness boot camp, this means to stop and really think about what you put into your body, what activities you participate in, what you feel like when you are with the people you surround yourself with, and so on.

“Holistic is defined as a knowledge of the interconnectedness of something, as the parts of something explicable only by reference to the whole.” Looking at your life in a holistic way means that you take everything into consideration. Holistic living refers to your mind-body-spirit connection and your health and wellness in relation to your entire being.

The term holistic living has gained popularity within the past few years and this is for a good reason. “When you apply the concept of ultimate health to your entire being, you aren’t only able to fight disease and avoid illness, but you will also feel better, live with more joy, and your transformation will be contagious.”

To fully understand the concept “holistic” think about the way a car works. You don’t just wash the exterior and hope for the best. You change the oil, get a tune up, make sure you don’t ride the brakes, etc. If you were to only focus on one part of the machine the other parts would surely soon experience problems. When you look at your car’s functioning holistically, however, you can keep it in pretty good shape. The same applies when you practice holistic living.

Look at the Whole Picture – Holistic Living at Its Best

Once you decide to adapt a shift in lifestyle holistically it becomes apparent where you should make changes. When you stop and listen to your body, it might have more to say than you expect!

  1. Mindfulness. Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation. Meditation can be the vehicle to get you there, but there are other practices and techniques you can apply to your life as well. Since mindfulness is about existing in the present moment, it can really open your eyes to what your life looks like day-to-day. Focusing on what you are experiencing in this given moment can help you get through hardships. Sound odd? Focus on the pain you experience in order to feel better? Yes. When you practice acceptance of the present moment you are able to get through it. Avoidance ultimately draws the experience out. What are some things can help you practice mindfulness? Some of these practices include: acupuncture, exercise, yoga, meditation and deep breathing.
  2. Listen to Your Body. We all know the feeling of being rundown but feeling like we have too much to do to sit and relax. Our body communicates with us constantly. From pumping the adrenaline when we stop from crossing the street without looking to feeling tired and worn out. “Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra says, ‘your body has an infinite number of unknown possibilities, but it looks to you for direction.’” Taking your body’s cues, whether that means feeding it with healthy and nourishing foods, giving it time to relax, or practicing self-care (“me” time) allows your body to live to its fullest potential.
  3. Clean Eating. Along with the term “holistic living,” “clean eating” is commonly used in the wellness and fitness worlds. Clean eating doesn’t mean to only eat salads and fruits, it means choosing whole food rather than processed foods. Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients list on your favorite snacks? Chances are the list runs on and on. When you choose clean eating to add to your holistic lifestyle you should look for foods that have only a handful of ingredients (and ingredients that you can pronounce). While clean eating does include consuming greens, healthy fats and proteins, it doesn’t have to feel like a chore. In fact, for more information on clean eating visit our nutrition page.

A holistic lifestyle can be accessible to you by just making a few small changes in your life. You don’t have to jump into an extreme diet or exercise routing, or even join a gym to reap the benefits holistic living can provide. The simplest changes can make the biggest difference. Go ahead; take a few minutes a day to do something that makes you happy, try something new like acupuncture, focus on a clean eating plan, or just take a walk outside and breathe deep. Fill out our free wellness assessment today to get more insight into applying holistic lifestyle tips to your life.

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