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Treat Lyme Holistically: Infrared Sauna for Lyme Disease

If you are suffering from Lyme disease you aren’t alone. More than 30,000 Americans contract this disease each year. The good news is that using an infrared sauna for Lyme disease is an excellent addition to your treatment regimen (and it helps in a variety of ways).

Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of an infected “blacklegged or deer tick.” The effects of this disease include “arthritis, fatigue and even neurological deficits.” While using our infrared sauna for Lyme disease, you will not only flush fat-soluble toxins out of your body, but you will begin to detoxify as well. Detoxification allows your immune system to heal in a variety of ways, including “increasing circulation, invigorating the body and allowing the medication to reach all parts of the body in a more efficient manner.” Adding the infrared sauna therapy into your treatment plan for Lyme disease will also provide you with pain relief, as it relaxes your muscles and joints.

Infrared Sauna for Lyme Disease – Detox and Feel the Benefits

Often, people with Lyme disease have difficulty detoxifying. Infrared saunas facilitate the body’s detoxification, which helps cells release heavy metals and chemicals. These toxins deplete the immune system and allow infections to harbor. Treatments using an infrared sauna for Lyme disease work by “raising your core body temperature, which, in turn helps kill bacteria and viruses that may be living in your body.”

Detoxify, increase circulation (allowing medication to reach all parts of your body), and reduce inflammation – doesn’t sound half bad if you are suffering from Lyme disease, does it? Consider adding an infrared sauna treatment to your current treatment plan. If you are suffering from Lyme disease and would like to try our infrared sauna, give us a call at (410) 296-4028.

Source: Far Infrared Therapy Helps Treat Lyme Disease

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