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Infrared Sauna’s Superpowers

Are infrared sauna sessions a part of your wellness plan? Some people seek out our sauna for specific health reasons. However, everyone can benefit from regular visits. In fact, daily sessions are safe –  and can actually improve certain ailments. If you aren’t familiar with the Infrared sauna, let’s take a closer look. 

What is an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas use light to create rays naturally experienced from the sun. There are three different types of sun rays: far, near, and mid. Each type has its own particular healing properties.*

  • Far rays heat the body directly and produce a deep sweat, which can help with weight loss, detoxifying, and blood pressure reduction. 
  • Near rays have a shorter range and are beneficial for the epidermis layer of the skin; they help with skin rejuvenation, wound healing, and pain relief. 
  • Mid rays penetrate the body on a deeper level; these rays are ideal in stimulating blood flow and circulation.

*Infrared saunas can emit one or all three rays simultaneously.

Through years of clinical testing, Strength and Vitality Wellness  carefully selected the Sunlighten Sauna to be part of our treatment options.  They are the only Infrared saunas proven to raise core body temperatures.  By raising the body’s temperature, the sauna induces an artificial fever. And this is a good thing! Fevers are the body’s natural way to boost immunity. Safe and effective – Sunlighten utilizes all three rays mentioned above. 

Some of our clients are referred to our center by their doctor. Others are simply looking for a more holistic approach in their quest for healthy living. There are almost countless reasons why you should consider an infrared sauna session. Let’s take a look at the most common.

The Superpowers of the Infrared Sauna 

  • Pain Relief. The sauna is beneficial for so many types of pain. A raised body temperature and improved circulation means reduced inflammation. Many clients come to us with knee, lower back, neck and hip pain.  Sessions are also useful for digestive pain, discomfort, migraines, etc. Expect improved sleep patterns as an added bonus.
  • Recovering from Mold Ailments. Use the sauna as a way to detox mold and mycotoxins from your body through sweating. By helping to restore the body’s natural eco-system, you will notice improved cardiovascular health, reduced inflammation  and increased oxygen circulation.
  • Lyme Disease. Those healing from Lyme Disease often seek out a local Infrared sauna. Sweating will flush out fat-soluble toxins.  And your elevated body temperature assists in antimicrobial treatments. For those suffering from the effects of Lyme disease, you know how important these treatments are.
  • Flush out toxins. Like traditional saunas, infrared saunas make you sweat, which is an effective way of flushing out toxins.  But even after one session, you will notice more profuse sweating than from conventional saunas; This is because  the infrared light causes  your core temperature to rise and enables your body to excrete a larger percentage of toxins, achieving a deeper, detoxifying sweat.
  • Gorgeous and youthful skin. Although sessions are great for pain relief and internal healing, let’s also discuss the added bonus of beautiful skin!  Increased blood flow and circulation leaves your skin glowing. Additionally, there is an increase in the production of collagen and elastin. Infrared saunas help you improve your skin tone, reduce signs of aging, and look younger overall. 
  • Effortless weight loss. After a conventional sauna session, you will register some immediate weight loss; however, this is just water weight due to sweating. Once you begin hydrating, you will regain this ‘loss’.  With Infrared saunas, the rays have the ability to deeply penetrate your skin – and increase your metabolic rate. With one session here, you can burn off 200 to 600 calories.  Relax and lose weight? Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • Heart Health. Since your heart is a muscle, it can also benefit from infrared sauna use. In fact, a session is considered a passive cardiovascular workout. For those interested in lowering your blood pressure, the infrared sauna may be an easy addition to your weekly health plan.  Most people need just about a 15-20 minute weekly session.  As you sweat, blood flow and circulation will improve.  As tight muscles relax, the body experiences a lowered blood pressure.        

With so many benefits, an infrared sauna’s superpowers provide a drug-free alternative to relief from a full range of health issues. It can improve your quality of life and provide relief from pain. The best way to see if it will work for you is to try it out! We consider the Infrared sauna an important service to offer. As you have read, it is a safe and effective holistic method.  We invite you to explore further other ways to heal from within.

Right now, we are offering all 50 minute sauna sessions for $30. Please note that there is a 2 session minimum purchase. This price is available for unlimited purchases so you may want to pick one up for a gift and for yourself! Learn more about available sauna sessions.

Who We Are…

Strength & Vitality is a Mt. Washington wellness clinic; we provide nutritional family care and acupuncture for the Baltimore, MD, area communities. Cara-Michele leads the center with her wealth of knowledge and expert care.  She is a licensed acupuncturist, whole foods nutrition counselor and certified personal trainer. Over the last decade, clients have relied on her expertise in acupuncture treatments, alternative medicine and health coaching.

Many people struggle with aches, pain, and other health conditions.  At Strength and Vitality Wellness Center, we think it is important to address the many areas intertwined for healthy living.  And we consider the Infrared sauna an important service to offer. As you have read, it is a safe and effective holistic method.  We invite you to explore further about other ways to heal from within.

Our functional medicine approach consists of:

  • acupuncture
  • whole food nutrition
  • movement
  • overall wellness advice,

Consider a gift of health and healing.  While your mom or loved one may not be familiar with the Infrared sauna sessions, a team member will happily answer any questions regarding the experience. If you have any questions at this time, please call (410) 296-4028 today. Ready to purchase? We make it simple. Gift cards can be purchased online.  Also available, gifts for nutritional counseling and acupuncture.

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