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Looking for a Senior Exercise Program? Top Ten Reasons to Train with Cara-Michele and Her Partners: Part One | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center | Mt. Washington, Maryland

Looking for a Senior Exercise Program? Top Ten Reasons to Train with Cara-Michele and Her Partners: Part One

Have you been considering a senior exercise program but think: “It’s too hard,” “It’s such a struggle,” “I don’t want to be sore,” “I tried before but hurt my back.” These are some of the comments that often come up when I speak to my clients about their senior exercise program. I’ve seen many clients come into the office either too afraid to exercise or injured because they took the leap but didn’t have a trainer who knew how to work with someone who isn’t 25. I became frustrated and decided to become a personal trainer myself and took the extra steps to become certified to work with people 50 and older. My clients are excited to workout, knowing how vital muscle mass is to their longevity plan, and I have peace of mind because I know that they are safe. Moving forward, I have opened additional class times and brought on another trainer who has the same clarity and skills. Even though there seem to be a lot of trainers across Baltimore offering a senior exercise program, one may wonder why many people have decided to choose Strength & Vitality Wellness Center. Could this be because of my experience and certification? Maybe it’s because I understand what middle-aged people are looking for because I am also over 50 years old? In this article, we will look at the top 5/10 reasons people choose to train with Strength & Vitality above others.

Choosing Strength & Vitality for Your Senior Exercise Program is Easy! Top 5 Reasons to Train With Cara-Michele and Her Partners:

#1: Functional Aging Institute

I have learned that training with people who are 50 and older takes specific skills and knowledge. That’s why I have taken the extra step to become certified by the Functional Aging Insitute. FAI is an organization that trains personal trainers on how to help people over 50 train so they can move through their day without pain or limitations. I am also able to help clients increase their proprioception, stability, and cardiovascular strength.

#2: Free Assessment

I have been in the people field, helping clients learn about the habits that can move them towards their goals, for many years now. Whether working as a crisis counselor, teaching martial arts classes, teaching acupuncture for addictions or PTSD, sharing stretching tips, nutrition counseling, and treating pain, I want to know and understand every person. We have all had experiences that have shaped the person we are today, and the next steps we need to take. A free consultation allows me to learn about each potential client and listen to their story. Call the office at 410 296-4028 to schedule your session. Looking for a Senior Exercise Program? Top Ten Reasons to Train with Cara-Michele and Her Partners: Part One | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center | Mt. Washington, Maryland

#3: Nutrition Comes First

If you start a program without the right nutrition plan in place, all of the work you put into exercise won’t help. As a nutrition counselor I’ve been helping to simplify nutrition for people for over a decade. No one size fits all. Having a trainer with proven nutrition skills is invaluable.

#4: I Understand Pain

Besides being a nutrition counselor, I’m an acupuncturist who focuses on pain reduction in Baltimore. Chronic pain can be a significant impediment to health and wellness, so solving pain as an everyday experience is super helpful. I have worked with clients who have pain due to nutritional deficiencies, inactivity, or injury. I encourage you to check out Strength & Vitality Wellness Center’s 100 plus Google and Facebook testimonies and reviews.

#5: One Step at a Time

Self-improvement is my passion. I think that choosing to raise our standards is the only way for us to succeed. Having a clear goal that includes achievable daily steps is the best route to sustainable change over time. If you are interested in learning more about the incredible work with are doing with our clients in our Mt. Washington wellness clinic, stay tuned for the second part of this article. Before then, get started today and book an appointment with Cara-Michele here.

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