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Looking for Senior Exercise Programs? Top Ten Reasons to Train with Cara-Michele and Her Partners: Part Two | Strength & Vitality Wellness

Looking for Senior Exercise Programs? Top Ten Reasons to Train with Cara-Michele and Her Partners: Part Two

In the second part of “Top Ten Reasons To Train with Cara-Michele and Strength & Vitality Wellness Center,” we talk about finding the best trainer for those 50 years old and older. In the first half, I spoke about how frustrating it was and still is for me to hear about my clients becoming injured or exacerbating current injuries when working with trainers who don’t know about working with middle-aged or older adults. Unless the trainer is 50 years old or older or has specific training, it is easy to believe that all clients have the same training goals. I don’t know about you, but my needs have changed between age 25 and age 52. I don’t need to bench press two hundred pounds or be able to jump up on a box. At this point, what is important to me is that I don’t lose the ability to do all the movements that make up my day currently. Being able to stand up without using my hands, sitting on the floor and getting up with no problems, carrying heavy packages, hiking on the weekends, including traversing a few boulders.   These are the critical thing to me at my current age. If you are the same, read this blog, and let’s set up a time to talk about it.
If you are above the age of 50 years and had missed the last article, You can see it HERE.

Choose Strength & Vitality for Senior Exercise Programs! More Reasons to Train with Cara-Michele and Her Partners:

#6: Balance and Falling

As a 3rd-degree black belt in Aikido, Functional Aging Institute certified personal trainer, and Tai Chi practitioner, I know a lot about balance, how to increase it, and teach people how to get to the ground safely they lose it. I’m proud to say that for over 14 years, I have been practicing and teaching new students who range from 5 to 70 years old how to move with balance, regain balance and how to fall. If you have a fear of falling, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk.

#7: Getting off the Floor

One of my proudest moments as a Functional Movement Trainer was the first time I saw a terrified client get up and down off the floor safely. She started our working relationship by telling me that she had not gotten on the floor in years due to fear. After 60 days, this client traversed the space between the floor and stood with ease and grace. Suppose someone is worried about bending to the floor, squatting closer to the ground, or getting all the way on the floor. In that case, they will have limitations that will impact their ability to carry out normal daily activities.

#8: Play and Fun

If you have ever spent time with me, you will know that I love to joke and play. I know that we all learn new things more easily when we are having fun. Our classes are intentionally designed to help new and experienced participants feel safe, have fun, and feel like they are progressing.

#9: I am over 50 Years Old

Middle age is when we truly understand what physical and mental decline feels like. That’s when we get clear that we need to start taking better care of ourselves. Clients tell me how useful it is to be working with someone who understands what they are going through. I am also managing the “I’m getting older but don’t want to be old” conversation. When you meet me, you will see that I am walking my talk too. If someone is giving guidance that they are not following themselves, run the other way.

#10: Value Independence

I have strong and healthy parents in their mid to late 70’s. They intentionally work to maintain their physical and emotional independence. My goal is to help clients set up practices and habits that keep them at a high level of mental and physical strength and vitality for years to come.
I feel proud to be supporting so many people in our Mt. Washington wellness clinic. If you are reaching middle age, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and start moving safely a little more often.   It feels good to make positive decisions for ourselves. If you are convinced, remember that exercise also helps reduce the risk of heart-related diseases and some other health conditions like osteoarthritis.
Give me a call today and book a free consultation with me at Strength & Vitality Wellness Center. The center is located near Mt Washington and provides a range of wellness services including nutrition, acupuncture, infrared sauna, and quality training for people 50 and older in Baltimore.

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