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Got the Blues? Learn How Massage and Essential Oils Can Treat Symptoms of Depression

by Reneé Rainbow, LMT

If you suffer from the blues or are experiencing adverse reactions from depression meds and are seeking a natural, safe way to heal, massage and therapeutic grade essential oils offer a healthy alternative. When integrated, massage and essential oils have a synergistic effect on the mind, body, and spirit, which can make healing deep and long-lasting.

Today we are faced with many circumstances that challenge our physical, mental, and emotional health. Many of us are stressed and overwhelmed. Often, the onset of stress is triggered by a situation, such as losing a job or experiencing a trauma in one’s life. This stress  creates adrenal fatigue, poor nutrition, pain and lack of sleep, which all contribute to the rise in depression. If your stress is teetering on depression, try massage therapy to alleviate the symptoms.

Massage therapy sparks physical and energetic changes in the body, mind, and spirit that normal psychotherapy or medication cannot. The therapeutic effects of touch increases the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, and it also lowers the stress hormone, cortisol. While depression medications do the same,  massage excludes common side effects like insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and an increased suicide risk in children and teens. Too, where depression meds block or inhibit the immune system, massage boosts it, which prevents illness and enhances  the quality of life.

For my clients who suffer from depression, I find that Swedish massage, with its long, fluid strokes, brings grounding and harmony to the body.  For pain relief and relaxation, the Raindrop Technique—a combination of massage, energy work, and reflexology with therapeutic grade essential oils—works wonders. The oils work at the cellular level to effect change in the system and bring the body back into balance.

Individually, therapeutic grade essential oils are another 100% natural, 100% safe alternative to treating depression. (I especially love Young Living Essential Oils). Citrus oils, like Citrus Fresh from Young Living, combine orange, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon and spearmint to uplift your mind and body, while relaxing you.  RutaVaLa is also a very effective blend to treat depression.  The ruta, valerian, and lavender blend help you overcome negative feelings and vibrate positivity.  But, my favorite is a four essential oil blend (Valor, Harmony, Joy, White Angelica) used for the mood uplifting protocol below.

Uplift through Essential Oils

Use one to two drops of each oil blend. As I open each oil, I like to hold it to my nose and take a deep, slow breath in, and then apply to the body as follows:

  1. Dab Valor on the wrists and hold together for a moment.
  2. Rub Harmony on the solar plexus (above navel)
  3. Spread Joy on the heart in a circular motion
  4. Rub hands together and brush the head, shoulders and down the body with White Angelica

Heal YourSelf  Massage (use after the mood uplifting protocol )

It is best to luxuriate in a warm bath or shower, perform the mood uplifting protocol with essential oils and then treat yourself to the Heal YourSelf Massage, using a quality massage oil or organic coconut oil.

  1. Start the massage with your head and work your way down to your toes.
  2. Using flat hands, rub vigorously into your hair and scalp.
  3. Use your fingertips to cover your head with small circular movements.
  4. Gently massage your face and ears, and then your neck.
  5. Knead your shoulders and vigorously massage your arms with up-and-down motions. Use circular movements on your elbows and knead your hands and fingers.
  6. Massage your chest and stomach using large gentle circular motions in clockwise direction. Massage your sides and back, if you can reach it without straining.
  7. Use vigorous up-and-down motions on your legs, with circular movement at your knees and ankles.
  8. Massage your feet-tops and bottoms-and use your fingers to massage your toes.

Using the mood uplifting protocol two times per day with or without the self massage will greatly enhance your mood and alleviate the symptoms of depression.

I am available if you have any questions about essential oils and massage can uplift you. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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Reneé Rainbow LMT

This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. If you are taking an antidepressant, do not change your dosage without consulting your physician!


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