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Weight Loss – It’s Not Just About Food!

by Surina Aguilar, Holistic Weight Management Coach

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the words “Weight Loss” can trigger a flood of emotions for people that I’ve worked with.  Often people striving to lose weight are looking for that magic pill that will “poof” make all those unwanted pounds simply just go away. However, in order to become successful in achieving your desired and optimal size, several factors are to be considered.

The four factors I encourage my clients to consider while going through the process of weight loss and weight management are Stress, FEAR, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and The 3 W Rule.

Stress is a factor of our daily lives that WE CANNOT avoid.  However, WE CAN develop an effective approach to managing stress in our lives. Accumulated stress can lead to lowered metabolism, belly fat, and depression, therefore ultimately slowing the weight loss process.

Fear is another factor to consider, let’s break down the word:  False Evidence Appearing Real. Is there a belief that you hold about not being capable of losing the weight and maintaining it? Perhaps it’s time to pull out that journal and address those beliefs that are working for you vs. those that are not.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a food ingredient and form of sugar being placed in processed foods to extend shelf life of foods. However, consistent consumption of foods containing HFCS increases weight gain and the health risk of developing diabetes, thus resulting in insulin resistance.

The 3W Rule is a tool that I’ve created for my clients to apply as they grocery shopping or triggered to make poor food choices. The 1st rule has to do with What one is eating like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables vs. artificial sweeteners, cakes, pastries, or fast foods. The 2nd rule has to do with When you are eating.  Nothing should be eaten three hours prior to going to bed, allowing sufficient time to digest and metabolize foods. The 3rd and final rule relates to the Why one is eating a particular food.  Are you eating because you are bored?  Anxious about a situation? Or eating to replace something that you believe is missing from your life?

I encourage you to focus upon the journey rather than the goal when seeking optimal weight/health. The foundation of achieving successful weight loss lies replacing those choices that no longer serve you with choices that honor the most beautiful YOU!

Surina L. Aguilar, Holistic Weight Management Coach, facilitates the Transitions Lifestyle System Weight Management program at She also conducts Grocery Store Tours to learn more about choosing foods that are beneficial to your health.  Contact her at or 443.253.0743


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