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Suffer No More….Kick PMS & Cramps to the curb!

by Kidada N. Fields, L.Ac., M.Ac.

Do you believe you can have an easy menstrual cycle? I recently asked this of a new client and received an intense “No, It’s expected. I just deal with it.”  She told me she had been suffering with irritation, breast tenderness & cramps for over 10 years; her mother, sisters, and aunts experience the same so there were no expectations of a better menstrual experience.  Although this is the story of many women, it is, fortunately, a story that can be changed.

Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture have long been used to help women with an array of gynecological issues including troublesome periods. From a Chinese medical perspective, pain, emotional upset or even absent menses point to qi (energy) stagnation. Many women experience improvements in gynecological symptoms with the use of acupuncture & Chinese herbs because they work well at regulating energy within the body.

Last year, a client came in looking for relief from her painful, unbearable menstrual symptoms. Since her teens she had been suffering with intense irritation plus breast tenderness before her cycle, and cramping during her cycle. Lately, this 32-year-old found herself in bed for the first two days of her period even with the use of pain killers. She was forced to cancel work and important meetings at the last moment, causing her business to suffer.

We began with five weekly acupuncture treatments and added two herbal formulas into her regimen.  She soon began noticing marked improvements in her symptoms, prompting me to move her to bi-weekly appointments, and then monthly, all while taking her capsulated herbs daily.  A few months later this liberated woman was having smoother, less intense menstrual cycles with little or no breast tenderness or irritation.

Although I do not promise a certain outcome to clients, we aim for positive results and more often than not see major improvements.  While I offer acupuncture treatments and prescribe herbs, clients must be committed to keeping their appointments & taking their herbs daily. Many times bottled emotions are attached to symptoms that show up in the body. My clients are always encouraged to use expressive outlets and look at healthy ways to deal with their emotions.

If you are among the many women out there who dread that time of month, give me a call to set up a free consultation today. I am currently accepting new clients and can accept insurance coverage from several major health insurance providers.

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