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Resetting Your Nutrition Compass for a Lifetime of Wellness

Looking for simple nutrition guidance but getting lost in a sea of advice, information and conflicting recommendations?   Then this two part program is for you!  The program is open to all women and men with an interest in restoring, rebuilding or revitalizing your health.  We recommend it as a first step to learning about what we do in culinary-nutrition at Women In Wellness. Take both classes consecutively, or take them when they fit in your schedule

$79 includes tons of resources, delicious tastings and plenty of food for thought!

CLASS # 1 Finding Your Nutrition Compass 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Sept 18 (TUES) or  NOV 6 (TUES)

In this first class of 0ur two-part program, we’ll discuss the lifestyle and food habits of well populations and centenarians around the world. Using current science as a reference, you’ll learn how the habits of well populations translate into a personalized nutrition roadmap you can use to guide health-supportive food choices for the rest of your life. Reset your nutrition compass. Get simple questions answered. Leave with the confidence to make the best food choices for a lifetime of health.

CLASS # 2 Building A Health Supportive Kitchen for a Lifetime of Nourishment: 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Sept 22 (SAT) or  NOV 10 (SAT)

In our second class in the Nutrition Compass program, we’ll  cover the  basic foods and  ingredients you’ll need to include in your kitchen and on your grocery shopping list. Then we’ll massage those ingredients into a simple recipe framework to support your health. Get basic cooking and ingredient questions answered. Build a food and simple recipe framework into your life. Taste a sample of the recipes we include in the framework.  Leave with a basic kitchen action plan and the confidence to build a nourishing future for yourself and loved ones.  Class includes tastings

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