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6 Health Benefits of Sauna That Will Make You a Fan

For many people sauna is just some cultural thing Scandinavians do. But those who experienced sauna and realized its health benefits are fans for life. Do you want to know why? Because sauna can improve your health in many ways, and all you need to do is sit down and relax. Who would say no to that? If after reading this article you decide to try out sauna for yourself, we invite you to check out our infrared sauna treatments in Baltimore. We’ve just got this amazing infrared sauna and are already receiving rave reviews about it. But let’s get on with the benefits!

infrared sauna therapy benefits

Expel Toxins

During our everyday lives we pick up a lot of toxins from the environment, food, beauty and skin care products, and in a million other ways. The toxins may include things like BPA, nicotine, heavy metals and industrial toxins present in the air we breathe. And one of the ways to get rid of these toxins is through sweating. Sweating is your body’s natural mechanism for regulating body temperature. When the body temperature rises in a hot environment such as a sauna, your body opens up sweat glands to release water along with some of the toxins trapped in your pores and endocrine system. While your body’s main mechanism for expelling toxins is through kidneys and liver, sweating may also aid in this process.

Clean Pores

As the sweat leaves your pores, it will also wash out any dirt and dead skin cells trapped inside, making your skin cleaner and healthier. Your regular shower routine, with barely warm water and shower gels that are difficult to wash off, likely doesn’t do enough to keep your skin healthy. Heat helps the pores to really open up and breathe. It also improves the blood flow to the skin, so that it gets the necessary oxygen and skin oils to maintain elasticity.

Burn Calories and Lose Weight

When your body gets hot, your metabolism speeds up and you burn more calories, including the stubborn fat deposits. In addition to that, you lose water and sodium by sweating through your skin. While 30 minutes in a sauna won’t replace 30 minutes of exercise, you will still burn 400 to 600 calories and even feel lighter. Of course, sauna alone may not get you to your desired weight and body shape. But in combination with healthy nutrition and exercise like our LVA Program, you may expect to see some noticeable results!

Boost Your Immune System

It has been scientifically proven that being in a sauna helps increase the production of white blood cells inside your body. These cells play an important role in fighting infection, so when their count is up, it means that your body has better chances of neutralizing a virus. The theory behind it is that artificially raising your body’s core temperature makes your brain think that you have a fever, and therefore it orders your body to make more white blood cells. Whether it’s true or not, regular sauna sessions can help you boost your immune system and take fewer sick days!

Deeply Relax and Ease the Pain

Cold makes your body constrict and heat relaxes it. Just by sitting or laying down in a sauna you can reach a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Sauna can help you destress, release tension and sweat away the troubles of the day. In addition to that, heat also increases blood flow to sore muscles and joints, which helps them recover faster. Sauna can help you manage pain from a variety of chronic conditions, as well as promote faster recover after exercise or injury.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

As your body temperature goes up, so does your heart rate. In this sense, spending 15-30 minutes in a sauna is like exercising. Of course, it won’t stimulate your muscles, but it will give your cardiovascular system a good, yet gentle workout. The heat will help expand your tiniest blood vessels and capillaries, which in turn improves blood flow to your organs and extremities. And healthy blood flow means plenty of oxygen and lesser chance of blood clots and heart failure. It has even been measured that after several sauna sessions many people see a drop in blood pressure if it used to be high.

Want to give sauna a try and see which benefits make the most difference for you? Our Sunlighten infrared sauna is the perfect solution! Infrared rays are 100% safe and way more comfortable than regular saunas. Because infrared heat affects your skin directly, it doesn’t heat up the air in the sauna that much, which make it easier to breath in such a sauna. But let’s wrap up these descriptions—you really have to try it and see for yourself. Give us a call today or contact online to schedule your appointment!

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