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Soul Journey

You’re invited… Thursday, July 29th 7:00 – 8:30pm
Soul Journey guided by the Native American Flute

with Jan Seiden

If you could hear the song of your soul calling to you from Creation, how would you answer?

In the supportive space of the workshop, Jan uses the sounds of the Native American flutes to guide us on a journey by sound and imagery to a place of inner stillness and fluidity with Spirit.  Each participant is supported on their journey with an in-depth personalized experience of “sound vibration.”  Sound and resonance can open new levels of awareness of psycho-spiritual states, offering us a path to being in balance and harmony.  The Soul Journey integrates the vibrational healing qualities of the Native American flute with breath techniques to explore the energy body in a unique way.

Participants explore novel techniques for stress and pain management.  Jan’s flutes guide us in exploring the relationship between intentional, nourishing sound and our states of consciousness.  Sound and resonance can induce a deeply meditative level of consciousness, and open new levels of awareness of psycho-spiritual states.  Combined with breath work, the music channeled through Jan’s flutes guides us in gaining new soul-level awareness of our direct connection to Creation and our paths.

COST: $35
To register, call 410-296-4028 or email

To learn more about Jan Seiden, visit her at: or at

“The flute offers a voice through which the soul can sing, it gives us the gift of hearing the essential wisdom of our souls.” ~Jan Seiden

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