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Classical Chinese theory says that spring begins in February.  This is a time when it’s still cold and sometimes snowy outside, but the signs of movement are easily seen as little snow drop flowers  begin to poke their heads up.

Spring is seen as a time of strength, direction, planning, flexibility and vision.   Just like the trees and bushes, we have rested and restored ourselves through stillness and reflection during the winter.   Now it is time to put all that we have learned about ourselves into motion.

How will we make our mark on the world this year?  What talents do we want to offer those around us?  Will we deliver them with the skills of patience, flexibility and benevolence?

Anger is an emotion of spring.  One interpretation of the Chinese character for anger points to constraint and frustration. Like the bulbs in the cold ground pushing toward the sun, we can focus our intention on directing our sense of constraint toward a movement that offers direction and ease for ourselves and others.

The presence of vision, coordination and planning offer a great opportunity to take steps toward creating new paths for ourselves and following previous designs that still serve.

9 emotional and physical health and wellness tips for the spring season:

  • Ease into outdoor hobbies and new exercise programs.
  • Let flexibility be your intention when crafting a response or course of action.
  • Intentionally design your goals and direction for this year.
  • Find your local community supported gardens and farmer’s markets.
  • Plant a few fruits and vegetables of your own.
  • Notice how many different shades of green there are.
  • Craft useful ways to allow your frustrations and anger to move.
  • Join a group of like-minded people and pool your ideas for change.
  • Notice what kinds of foods your body is asking for.

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