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The Ease of Tea

by Charlene Muhammad

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiry about the beautifully decorated tins gracing our waiting area at Heart’s Gate Wellness Center. I’d like to introduce you to the Women in Wellness custom tea line.

Women in Wellness custom tea is a brainchild of Porsche Klemm (co-owner of Mortar & Pestle Apothecary) and me. In 2009, we had the idea to begin a tea line called “Infiniti-teas” a unique blend of teas formulated to support certain aspects of health like women’s menstrual time (Femini-tea), hot-flashes and other menopause symptoms (Menopause-ease Tea ), seasonal allergies (Pranana-ease Tea) and detoxification (Liver up! & Magic Mineral Tea). The formulation of our teas includes the energetic use of a specific gem stone to augment the healing properties of the tea.

teasCara Michele liked the idea of the teas and selected certain blends that she felt would meet the needs of our clients here at Women in Wellness.  These teas are available for purchase at Heart’s Gate Wellness Center – any of the practitioners can assist you with your purchase.

So why herbal tea?

Herbal tea is one of the oldest forms of medicine known to humanity. Indigenous people all over the earth have discovered the healing properties of their native “materia medicia” or native botanical species. So whether you live in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa or the Americas, there are healing plants that support and sustain life. Nature’s medicine. Most modern day pharmaceuticals are either derivatives of an herbal plant constituent or “chemical” property, or synthetic representations of such constituent. For example, Aspirin was originally made from the bark of the White Willow Tree. Now the properties of this tree bark is synthetically produced to provide the same analgesic effect that a strong cup of White Willow Tree Bark would provide.

Since herbal teas are basically “food” – being the leaves, fruits and roots of plants just like lettuce, tomatoes and turnips are basically leaves, fruits and roots of plants- they are designed by Mother Nature to do just what food does: sustain life! Herbs are “living” just like whole foods are so they provide us with “energy” unlike something that is manmade like a synthetic pharmaceutical.

The herbs that we selected for Women in Wellness custom tea blends are all safe to use and are designed as pre-packaged products so you don’t need a consultation to purchase them. An herbal consultation is always recommended for assistance with specific health ailments or goals. During an herbal consultation, I learn about your health history, challenges and goals. I also take a look at your energetic pattern for engaging life and then custom-formulate a tea blend that is specific for you. I also take into consideration any medications or other physical limitations that herbs may effect and then choose the herbs accordingly.

Herbal tea is a perfect remedy for supporting our health. I recommend that an herbal tea remedy be the first option in most common ailments like seasonal colds, allergies, and digestive upsets. Herbal teas are also good to supporting headaches, PMS and menopausal symptoms. For more challenging health issues, herbs can also be used effectively along with prescription medicines, but it is best to work with a professional herbalist to assure safety.

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