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The Magnificent Healer

by Joan Gugerty

Science is amazing and has given the world great insight into all creation including the human body.  Yet with all the scientific discoveries that have been made, many of the mechanisms of this amazing creature that carries us through life remain a mystery.

In many of the healing professions, there is a simple but tremendously important concept that is often ignored – the miraculous healing power within the human body.  We live in a world that many times sees healing as a war where combating illness includes killing or destroying viruses, bacteria or cancer.  We focus on fighting and battling disease when within our own bodies are mechanisms that have healing power far beyond the most ambitious scientific discoveries.

Conventional Medicine has its place.  It does remarkable work in times of accidents or emergencies and the skill of its practitioners and new scientific discoveries have improved and saved innumerable lives.  What Conventional Medicine has not yet embraced is the body’s amazing capacity to heal itself.

I will give you just a few examples of this amazing capacity to heal.  The ability of a healthy immune system to isolate and destroy cancer cells in the body far exceeds any scientific treatment that has been developed for cancer.   A healthy pancreas will produce the exact amount of insulin necessary to stabilize your blood sugar and give you the energy you need at any given moment.  Fibrin immediately forms to clot blood and stop bleeding.  The circulatory and cardiovascular system begins the process of bringing white blood cells to an area of the body to fight off bacteria, fight infection and repair wounded tissue.

These are only a few of the multitude of tasks the body continually performs.   The human body is constantly working to maintain homeostasis and sends us many different messages and signs to indicate when we are out of balance.  We need only to know what to look for and pay attention.  It then becomes our responsibility to learn what to give ourselves and/or what support to acquire to bring ourselves back to balance where our body can do optimal healing.  Science cannot duplicate in a laboratory what a strong, healthy body does so beautifully.

To experience optimal good health, our body must be maintained, fed well and cared for.  I invite you to be passionate about taking care of the magnificent healer in you, so that your body can do its work and become a vessel that allows you to truly enjoy life to the fullest.  Nourishing yourself in mind, body and spirit can be extremely rewarding.  And learning how to achieve this can be both a challenge and a joy.

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, it is my great passion to walk with people as they learn how to best support their amazing bodies.  I am very excited about my new partnership with Women in Wellness.  If you would like to learn more about how my coaching can help you, please contact me to schedule your free consultation!

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