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Transformation with Essential Oils

by Reneé Rainbow, LMT

Life can take a toll on your body and emotions. Too many people don’t understand this connection. Instead of releasing emotions and healing, individuals continue to push their emotions deeper and deeper. Left unchecked, negative feelings like anger, pain, and fear can move into the stomach, kidney, liver, heart, or other vital systems—essentially taking over the body and mind. In turn this drives emotions deeper into the body, creating a negative downward spiral.

Emotions are stored in the body, and the limbic system of the brain plays a vital role in interpreting and channeling these experiences, particularly memories of fear or trauma. Introducing the sense of smell through the use of essential oils allows the limbic system to be addressed through stimulation. Because the limbic system is where the brain stores all emotional memory, this is vital for releasing stuck or dormant emotions.

The relationship to oneself is deeply connected to everything we do and clearing unwanted emotions brings us closer to our true feelings and deepest desires. Using essential oils is a gentle way to support our emotional life and our total health.

D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, created the Feelings Kit as the first step to releasing negative emotions and erasing memories of experiences that adversely impact our lives. The six essential oil bends formulated by D. Gary Young provide the foundation for balancing energy, forgiveness, and identifying oneself.

I invite you to use the Feelings essential oil kit from Young Living. I will show you how to use the oils effectively to release unwanted emotions to allow a deeper connection with your authenticity. Invest in yourself and order the feelings kit here then join me as we experience transformation and clarity for the year ahead.

Valor should be the first oil used and applied to the bottom of the feet when starting an emotional clearing.  It helps balance the energies within the body, helping to give courage, confidence and self-esteem. Valor gives you courage to stand up for yourself.  This oil can be used on it’s own as well, and many people use it each morning to start the day in a balanced way. Start by putting a few drops on the palm, rub both palms together and cover the nose and breath in the oil. Give yourself the time to take a few deep breaths to experience the oils. Notice how you feel and sense the shift. Then apply 3-6 drops to each foot. Hold the left hand on left foot and right hand on right foot. When applied to the feet, the oils travel through the entire body within a few minutes. Hold for a few minutes and again allow some time to experience how this oil changes your energy. Allow yourself to be open to the transformation that may occur. Join me in the next newsletter as we continue this journey. Please comment below to share your experiences or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Reneé Rainbow, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist / Young Living Essential Oils #759342

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