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Why Use Nutrition and Acupuncture Together

Acupuncture is known and widely used for pain relief, but this is only a small portion of what acupuncture can do. Using acupuncture solely to eliminate joint or muscle ache is like buying a smartphone and only using it as a calculator. That’s why we recommend our Towson acupuncture clients to experience acupuncture while also cleaning up their eating habits and improving nutrient intake.

You see, the food you eat is supposed to supply your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. They are the building blocks your body relies on to run everything from brain function to digestion and reflexes. These nutrients also make up your life energy Chi… or not, if you are not getting enough of them. The quality of Chi that flows through your body is directly related to the type of food you consume. So where does acupuncture come in? Acupuncture helps move Chi throughout your body, delivering nutritional support to all the major systems, helping them run smoother and more efficient.

Of course, you can get nutrients without acupuncture and release stuck energy without proper nutrition. But when acupuncture and nutrition work together, you can expect faster, better and more significant results. Take a look at the infographic below to visualize this process. And if you have any questions or interested in trying acupuncture and nutrition together, contact Cara-Michele for a free consultation. She can help you find the right nutritional supplements to fill the gaps in your nutrient intake, while showing you the healing power of acupuncture.

why use acupuncture and nutrition together

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