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Vicky couldn’t let COVID weight and fatigue keep her from being a great mom, collaborative wife, and enjoying her job. 

Vicky, thank you for taking a minute to share your experiences with the Everyday Heroes Power-Up.

Can you start by telling us what was happening in your life that made you think this might be a good thing for you to do?

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I know from our previous conversations that you’ve tried a lot of different programs. When we discussed the Everyday Heroes’ Power Up Program, what made you say, “I should try this”?

“I’ve tried several other programs. The daily videos and text you have for us to read and/or watch and the supported calls were the best things. Also, the detox that the program included.

So I thought I was getting a great bang for my buck.”

What were the top three or five benefits that you’ve noticed?

  1. “Yeah, so I’m not snippy with my husband anymore. I know that was one of the things during that time of the month.
  2. My monthly cycle was way off, and now that has shortened.
  3. Losing some weight didn’t wasn’t too shabby either. I know I have some more to go, but I lost maybe about 10 pounds.
  4. I have a better focus at work or even at home—more mental clarity.
  5. I sleep better.

Overall, feeling so much better about everything in my body.”

What was the most challenging part of the program for you?   

Vicky, the program is designed to deliver small increments of information a little at a time, so the participants never feel overwhelmed. How was that a benefit to you?

Vicky, would you recommend the Everyday Heroes’ Program to a friend?

Now you are, you’re a graduate, and you’re one of the people supporting newer participants. How’s that for you?

“I think it’s great that we have that opportunity to be a leader for the program and be of support.

I’m only a couple of weeks out, and I’m still learning like I’m still practicing. I’m still showing up. I think I will be practicing for the rest of my life, and I’m going to need the support. So, now I get to help others on their journey too.

And it’s exciting to reinforce the things I learned the first time. I’m hearing the information a little bit differently than before.   It’s really impactful.”

Thanks, Vicky!


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