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A Wellness Program with You in Mind: Try Our 90-Day Power Up Today! | Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

A Wellness Program with You in Mind: Try Our 90-Day Power Up Today!

A Wellness Program with You in Mind: Try Our 90-Day Power Up Today! | Strength & Vitality Wellness CenterDo you find that you don’t have enough energy for the people and projects that you love the most? Are you tired of waking up tired? Have you been trying to get healthy but don’t know where to begin? Kick your wellness program to the curb if it isn’t helping you and follow us to your path to freedom. At Strength & Vitality Wellness Center we believe that you should feel your best and that is why we created 90-Day Power Up with you in mind.

Try a Wellness Program that Works FOR You

If you have tried countless diets, exercise routines, or wellness programs but have found that they’re hard to stick with, you’re in luck. 90-Day Power Up isn’t just any wellness program, it is a program that looks at all facets of your lifestyle and helps you set attainable goals so that you feel better.

The goal of 90-Day Power Up is to change the physiological processes that are causing internal and external stressors as quickly as possible. We will show you a few simple and easy to practice habits at a time that will have huge impact on your daily energy levels. If you want to take your health into your own hands, 90-Day Power Up is a great place to start.

Depending on your goals, with 90-Power Up you may expect to:
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  • Lose weight and improve physical appearance
  • Gain more energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Tame your allergies

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  • Reduce aches, pains and discomfort
  • Improve metabolism and immunity
  • Stop disease in its root


What to Expect from 90-Day Power Up!

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]1. FREE Wellness Consultation
Start by filling out our FREE wellness consultation form below. During your wellness consultation, we will look at this report together and determine if you would like to join our 90-Day Power Up.
3. Strategy & Treatment
Throughout the entire program we will be checking in with you weekly via Skype, phone, or during in-person visits to help you stay on track.[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/2″]2. Wellness Assessment
The wellness assessment is divided into two appointments. During your first visit we will measure such things as blood pressure, BMI, pulse, muscular tone, saliva pH, bodily proportions, etc. During your second visit we will review your Report of Findings.
4. Progress
At 30 and 60-days we will meet and conduct mini assessments to see if any corrections are needed to your treatment plan. At the 90-day mark, we will do all of the tests and surveys again to compare the results.[/su_column][/su_row]

What’s Included?

Aside from the many benefits like weight loss, more energy, and improved sleep (and the list goes on), there are extra perks included in 90-Day Power Up.
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  • 3 in-office assessments (30-day, 60-day, 90-day)
  • Weekly check-in
  • 10% off Acupuncture treatments
  • 2 free Infrared Sauna Treatments

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  • 10% off Falls Road Aikido beginner class program
  • 10% off in-store purchases at our Better Bites Market
  • Access to videos, recipes, tips and more in our members-only portal
  • Access to members-only cooking and exercise classes



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