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What on Earth is Energy Therapy?

by Charissa Bowman, Energy Therapist and Yoga Instructor

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We all have patterns of behavior.  Patterns such as drinking lots of water and brushing our teeth everyday are health patterns and serve us. We also have patterns such as procrastination, snacking on junk food, and watching too much television.  These patterns are not so healthy and don’t serve us in the big picture.  Just as we have patterns of behavior we also have patterns of thought.

A healthy pattern of thought is “I take the time to take care of myself.”  This can mean different things to different people such as exercising, eating well, relaxing, and spending time with people whom you love.  Alternately, an unhealthy pattern of thought could be “I don’t have enough time to take care of myself.”  This might look like people working late in the night and not getting enough rest, pushing themselves physically when injured, or smoking/drinking/using recreational drugs to relieve stress.  Another unhealthy pattern of thought could be “I can’t say no.”  This is a common pattern for many women who are trained to take care of others no matter the effect on self.

An energy therapist helps their clients discover these healthy and unhealthy patterns of behavior, thought, and energy.  If all things in this universe are made of energy and energy constantly changes, we too can change our patterns to create a healthier self:  mind, body, and spirit.  An energy therapist delves into patterns unknown, assisting clients to clear these patterns and energy blockages, helping clients to release old patterns.

Energy therapy is augmented by healing techniques such as sound healing, Reiki, aromatherapy, guided mediation, and yoga.  These techniques help to induce the relaxation response which can be described as a state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress.  These changes can include a decrease in blood pressure and nitric oxide levels, a deep relaxation of muscle tissue, pain relief, and acceleration of healing.

Disease and pain manifest from our experiences and how we’ve dealt with stress and trauma.  During times of distress, without a healthy release, stress can affect our cellular energy creating any number of disturbances.  Trauma, past experience, and unresolved issues block the flow of energy through the body.  Blocks within the body can affect different body systems, eventually manifesting as disease.  During energy therapy treatment, work is done to uncover the underlying cause and clear energetic imbalances.

Energy therapy can lead to a deep and fundamental change in how we view ourselves and how we feel in our bodies.  It encourages positive life changes that benefit clients for the rest of their lives.

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