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Joint and Back Pain Relief Open House

This open house will allow you to see how our Integrative Pain Relief method has eliminated pain for hundreds of women. 

Cara-Michele Nether, a licensed acupuncturist with 19 years of experience, welcomes women aged 45-65 to explore effective pain management options that don’t include addictive medications or surgery.  

Learn how our multi-faceted approach lowers chronic inflammation, eliminates pain, reduces fear of re-injury, and promotes mobility.  

She provides an honest assessment, is a great listener, very knowledgeable, and takes time to ensure she provides the best care unique to my issue. Because of this, my pain level is now under control. All of her services are provided with care. I’ve had both acupuncture and cupping sessions, and I was introduced to the infrared sauna, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was soothing and relaxing, mentally and physically. Cara-Michele is truly invested and passionate about providing the best care and services to her clients.
Eurasia Butler
Strength Vitality Client
Excellent service! When I arrived, I was experiencing significant back and leg pain. After acupuncture, I left pain-free. The service was amazing, and the atmosphere was conducive to emotional health and well-being!
Kim Davis
Strength Vitality Client
RSVP for this in person and bring a friend.  Space is limited.

Get Off The Health and Wellness Rollercoaster Webinar

Designed for women aged 45 to 65 seeking a holistic self-care approach, this webinar offers clear and actionable steps for regaining control over your daily wellness routines.  

In this 60-minute session, discover how our Consistency Formula will help you create sustainable habits and approach self-care from a comfortable practice pace. Past participants have praised the step-by-step approach and daily support.

On the 2nd Wednesday of each month, you will learn how to clarify your goals, make friends with consistently, and generate the mental and physical energy you need to feel proud of how you show up in the world.  

Learn more here

When the time came that I could get off the floor without the assistance of a chair, meant more to me than I can express. I’m feeling healthier and stronger than I have in years. I feel more in control of how I take care of myself.
Strength Vitality Accelerator Member
Cara-Michele has made learning and forming routines (and eventually habits) fun and doable by the bite-size AND buildable pieces of info she shares! It is all coming together over time!
Vicky Gabbai
Strength Vitality Accelerator Member
I've tried many different things, but none of them have worked. The Strength & Vitality Accelerator has components of all that plus personal features that make it more engaging. The structure makes sense, and I can follow along without feeling like I need to overhaul my entire life to try to fit it in, and that's attractive to me.
Strength Vitality Accelerator Member
This has been a journey of connection. The connection between the stretches, what I'm putting in my body, the link to hydration, etc. The Strength & Vitality Accelerator is the full package. I can say it is this well-rounded full package of everything I need structure.
Strength Vitality Accelerator Member
Sign up now to get off the health and wellness rollercoaster and gain control over your mental and physical journey.

MIGHTY ME! Free Saturday Morning Stretch Class

Tired of fearing staircases and getting on the floor?   Join like-minded women 45-65 who are working toward mobility and flexibility.

After only a few of our FREE Saturday Morning MightyMe! stretch classes,  participants rave about increased physical strength and mental wellness, allowing them to lead more active lives despite years of desk work and sedentary living. 

Address stiff or painful neck, back, and knee pain while learning new tips and laughing with like-minded women. 

Click here for the free link.

Don’t miss this chance to boost your well-being.  Share with friends, and see you online!

How I get out of the chair, get off the floor, or get in and out of my truck is different now. I move with a lot more ease now. I appreciate your class because it is really helping to strengthen the areas that I didn’t know were getting weak.
Charmayne Turner
MIGHTY ME! Participant
The community is so supportive. We’re all at different levels, and that’s okay. You show up where you are, and we support each other to improve physically and in other aspects of life. It’s just great.
Sabree Akinyele
MIGHTY ME! Participant

Click here for the free link.

Don’t miss this chance to boost your well-being.  Share with friends, and see you online!

Health & Wellness Instagram Lives

It’s an honor and a joy to announce that I’ll join the incredible Robin Ramsey-McKissic for her SavvySilver_n_Chic Instagram Live Self-Care series.  Follow me on Instagram and be sure to turn on your notifications so you know when we go live on Mondays!

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