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Finally, A Health & Vitality Program That Delivers

If you are looking to build effective, sustainable habits around exercise, nutrition, and overall vitality, the Everyday Heroes’ Power Up Program is for you.

Many of us have been burned by health gimmicks, products, and diets that promise results but don’t deliver. It’s frustrating!

This holistic program is different. In just 90 days, it gives you all you need to feel better and see the changes you want while maintaining a lifestyle that works for the long haul. Plus, it’s simple, practical, and offers group accountability and support. 

One step at a time, you will learn how to reduce daily struggles and disappointments around food, exercise, self-care, and waning energy. The results? More confidence, weight loss, sustained energy, and feeling better overall. All of this without exercising for long periods of time each day or eating rabbit food!

Results: Increased Mental & Physical Strength & Vitality

  • More muscle tone and mobility
  • Increased mental focus, clarity, and attention
  • Fewer sugar and carb cravings
  • Less bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Less pain and fatigue
  • Less uncontrolled weight gain
  • Better sleep and more energy
  • More time to do what you love
  • Increased balance and flexibility

You will start seeing these results within 3-4 weeks of beginning the program, guaranteed.


cara-michele meal prep

This proven approach is led by wellness expert Cara-Michele Nether, a licensed professional with 20 years of experience and real client results. She’s helped hundreds of women over 45 cultivate more strength and vitality.

Don’t wait to start regaining your mental and physical strength and vitality!

You will be able to depend on your body and brain to have energy and strength each day to focus on what’s important to you. And the confidence and resilience to find joy while doing it!

Hear From Recent Participants

My family has definitely noticed a difference in my energy. At work, I’m not tired anymore and more effective. And people notice that I’m shedding pounds. But the main thing is, I feel better about myself.

How It Works


Start by having a free consultation with program leader and expert Cara-Michele to talk about your goals and if the program is right for you.


Once you commit, complete an initial assessment to shed light on your unique needs, challenges, and strengths. 


Participate in a weekly one-hour virtual group call with other program participants. You will learn new strategies for reaching your goals and will support one another.


Get meal prep and exercise guidance throughout the program along with insight on improving sleep, detoxing, managing stress, and more.


Within the 12 weeks, enjoy three private check-in calls with Cara-Michele.

The Everyday Heroes’ Power Up program is a fit if you:

I started the program after accepting a new position, going from teacher to assistant principal at my school. It was an immediate thought that I needed to get my body in shape and function to my highest capacity … The biggest benefits are that I feel better, I see a difference in how my clothing fits, and I have less pain.

—Kimberly, Recent Participant

Though the program begins on a rolling basis, there are limited spots available. Reach out today for your free consultation with Cara-Michele to explore how this program can meet your strength and vitality goals. No commitment needed for the call!  

Take the step to finally find something that boosts your health, confidence, and joy. We’ll say it again: you’re worth the investment. 

Program Learning Modules

  • Week 1: Kick-Off Call – Foundations of success
  • Week 2: The ONE secret to immediately change your mental and physical strength and vitality
  • Week 3: Skyrocket your success with meal planning and prep
  • Week 4: Releasing your kryptonite (detox)
  • Week 5: Routines for your success
  • Week 6: Sleep – Your forgotten ally
  • Week 7: Celebrate your success!
  • Week 8: Building your armor
  • Week 9: Building more mental and physical power
  • Week 10: Increase strength and burn more fat
  • Week 11: Getting across the finish line
  • Week 12: Graduation and next steps
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