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Exemplar Team

The S&V Exemplar Team is the social component of the 90-Day Power Up Program. Changing your daily habits is often tough when you have to sort it out by yourself. After working with hundreds of clients, Cara-Michele has found that when people are connected to other who have similar goals, the new practices become second nature much faster.

Joining our members only Facebook group and attending the weekly movement class and monthly workshops you will get a chance to learn how others have gotten to where you want to be. The exchange of tips and tricks as well as a sense of camaraderie and fun are a regular occurrence for our members.

As your practices become easier and easier you are graduated to the next level. This type of reward system provides a bit of friendly and encouraging completion among our members. Seeing each other grow provides incentive for us all to push ourselves just a little bit more to achieve our goals.

Exemplar Team Success

Watch the video below to hear Joanie’s story of how the Exemplar Team and 90-Day Power Up has transformed her life.

How to Become a Member

Becoming a team member is by invitation only from Cara-Michele. You will receive and invitation when you join the 90-day program as a Gold or a Silver member. If you are not a member you can join by filling out the “My Big Why” Statement, having it reviewed by Cara-Michele and then signing up for the team.

Once a member, you are given a white S&V Exemplar in Training band. This signifies that you are intentionally practicing the 10 wellness steps in the first S&V Exemplar level. As a Beginner start with only two to three of the practices. Work on those until they are an easy part of your everyday routine. Keep track of your progress on your weekly tracking forms. When you will feel comfortable, add two or three new practices to your daily routine. In no time, you will be completing all 10 of the steps for level one.

Strength & Vitality Exemplar Resolution

Knowing that nothing is more important than my own happiness, I am dedicated to the art of self-care.

The most important tools I will ever be given in my life are my mind and my body. These are gifts that I can choose to ignore and take for granted or cherish and protect.

I am clear that consistent mental and physical strength and vitality are necessary states of being for me to be able to improve the lives of those I love as well as those I have yet to meet.

There is no doubt in my heart that life’s learnings appear as expected and unexpected joys and sorrows. I choose mental and physical resilience as my vehicle for navigating these waters.

Consistent, not perfect, daily practices that multiply strength and Vitality, are the tools I use to fortify my personal armor.

I am a Strength & Vitality Exemplar.

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