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Falls Road Aikido in Baltimore, MD

Martial Arts in TowsonLed by Sempai Cara-Michele Nether, Falls Road Aikido in Baltimore, MD offers physical fitness and instruction for men, women and children. This is a place to learn, be active, find new friends and leave behind all the stress and worries of your everyday life.

New: Self Defense and Rolling Classes

aikido self defense classCome join us for a basic self defense and rolling classes. You will learn how to defend yourself from an attacker, as well as how to fall safely, whether you’ve tripped or were pushed. This is an easy 1-hour class you can attend once a week. Click here to register online (go to the classes tab and look for the Saturday schedule.)


Is physical activity a part of your life?

You know that physical fitness is important, but there is often a big gap between knowing what the right thing is and doing it. We encourage our clients to engage in regular physical activity, because it’s a key ingredient in achieving optimal health and wellness. And because Cara-Michele is also a Sempai who teaches aikido, you are welcome to try this martial art at our Falls Road Aikido Studio in Baltimore.

Cara-Michele Nether, sempai
Cara-Michele Nether, Sempai

Falls Road Aikido is a small, traditional aikido dojo. Even though we use colored belts to indicate our rank, promotion is not our goal. Instead, we are dedicated to helping each other grow into confident, grounded, unshakable, loving human beings who could keep ourselves from getting hurt if the need would arise. We come from a long line of aikidoka who practice hard with the intention of rising above our egos to find peace within ourselves. We understand that this would not be possible without our mutual willingness to allow each other the use of our bodies for practice. This is an honor and we never forget that. While pushing ourselves to our own limits, we take great care not to harm our partners during class.

We believe that it is our job to support your journey toward inner peace and strength, and we open our doors with this intention in the front of our minds. Everyone is encouraged to come watch a class or join us on the mat. I assure you that you will learn something incredible about yourself.

Let’s Get Started

We invite you to visit our aikido facility located at 6302 Falls Road, Baltimore , MD 21209, and consider enrolling in one of our eye-opening classes.

You can also reach us through emailor call us at 443-527-8425. Visit our website for more information:

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