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MightyMe! 30-Day Stretch & Exercise Challenge

Ready to integrate regular exercise and stretching into your self-care routine?

Struggling to keep up with intentional movement amidst a busy life? If so, know that you are not alone. We have felt the same way. That’s why Cara-Michele and the members of the MightyMe! group want to open the doors to our group and help others like you simplify consistent exercise and stretching.

Our secret…combining short, personally tailored, effective workouts with a supportive community. That’s it. If you’re a woman between the ages of 45-65 and want to use exercise to boost both your mental and physical strength, you’re in the right place.


Who is this for?

Women between the ages of 45-65 are looking to build consistency with their exercise and fitness routines.

How can we help?

The challenge makes it simple for you to access an individual-focused small-group exercise community led by a trusted and proven exercise professional with 19 years of focus on women’s health.

What are the goals of the challenge?

We know that it can be hard for women who have children, partners, spouses, work, and social obligations all at once to fit in self-care. Our goal is to make exercise consistency safe, easy, accessible, and fun.

About the Challenge

Guided by Cara-Michele Nether, a licensed acupuncturist and certified personal trainer with expertise in functional movement for adults over 45, the program is designed to meet the needs of busy working women.

Our Consistency Framework is designed to start off slow in terms of time and intensity. This ensures that participants do not get injured, and we can learn the types of movements that feel good for each person’s body. From there, small increases create a sense of accomplishment and connection in a like-minded community.

Grounded in the principles endorsed by Dr. Peter Attia and Tim Anderson of Original Strength, the challenge promises noticeable improvements in mental and physical well-being within 30 days.

The challenge is broken into two phases:

  • MAY
    Kick off events allow you to meet the instructor, current MightyMe! members, and try on different classes for fit and comfort.
  • JUNE
    The actual 30-day challenge allows members to earn back the entry fee by attending sessions each week. Not only will you develop momentum around exercise and stretching, but you will also increase physical and mental strength and flexibility. 

The Benefits for Joining The Challenge

Enhanced Functional Strength

Exercises designed to translate strength into everyday activities, helping you maintain independence.

Improved Balance & Coordination

Focus on preventing falls through stability and core strengthening exercises.

Routine Building

The challenge encourages the formation of lasting exercise habits, promoting long-term health and vitality as you age.

Customer Support

You can reach out to me or other members with questions or concerns using the direct messaging on our community platform. You can also leave messages at my office. Responses are always within 2 hours or less.

The Class Leader:​

Cara-Michele Nether, L.Ac., FNC, CPT​

I’ve been a licensed acupuncturist since 2005 and noticed a troubling pattern: all too often my clients would join gyms or boot camps thinking they were making healthy choices. However, many of them came back after experiencing frustration, pain, and injury, especially for women over 45, who might not have the same fitness goals as younger participants.

In response, I began incorporating tailored stretches and exercises into my practice. Realizing the positive impact, I earned certifications as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise and in Functional Aging Institute. The goal was to create accessible, effective fitness programs that help women ease into exercise and scale up safely.

Transitioning to online sessions during COVID, I maintained the community spirit by adding monthly in-person technique classes and quarterly social events that include activities like hiking or pickleball.

It’s been inspiring to see how our low-impact, strength-building, and balance workouts improve the quality of life for my members, helping them remain active and independent.

MAY: Kick Off Events

To get started you’ll need to schedule a 15-minute introduction and assessment call with Cara-Michele, fill out the PAR-Q form, and attend at least one of the following events.

  • 4/15/24 Online Q&A Panel: Participants will hear firsthand from current members about the benefits of consistent exercise, their personal journeys, and have the opportunity to ask questions directly to a panel of inspiring women.
  • 4/18/24 Saturday Morning Stretch: A dedicated session for those focusing on improving their flexibility or complementing their existing exercise routine with beneficial stretches.
  • 4/26/24 In-Person Mini Retreat: An immersive experience where participants can learn the benefits of consistent movement, practice essential stretches and exercises, meet like-minded women, and discover simple meal prep with delicious bowls—which they will enjoy as lunch.

JUNE: MightyMe! 30-Day Exercise & Stretch Challenge

Challenge Completion Requirement: You must attend at least 16 classes to complete the challenge and win your full $170.00 entrance fee refund.
Dates: June 1st to 30th, 2024
  • Total classes: Nine sessions are offered each week, six exercise, two dance, and one stretch.
  • Class Times Monday – Saturday
    • Exercise: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays either 8:00 AM or 5:30 PM. Live online small group exercise classes lead by Cara-Michele.
    • Latin Dance: Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 AM.  This is a prerecorded dance video that we follow together.
    • Saturday Community Stretch:  Saturday 8:00 AM. Slow and scalable full-body stretching while discussing health and wellness topics.   Led by Cara-Michele.
    • In-Person Mid-Challenge Event: A technique workshop focused on kettlebell form and other key movements, aimed at refining skills and building community.
  • Duration: During the week each session is 35 minutes, perfectly tailored to fit into busy schedules.  Saturday sessions are 45 minutes.

Why Join The Challenge?

Win Back Your Entrance Fee

Engage fully in the MightyMe! 30-Day Challenge and have the chance to win back your entrance fee. This unique incentive encourages you to attend every session, turning exercise into a rewarding, no-cost habit that fosters regular physical activity.

Community & Engagement

Dive into a supportive online community that keeps you motivated and connected. Share experiences, receive encouragement, and enjoy regular interaction that enriches your journey toward better health.

Enhanced Energy & Well-being

Experience a noticeable boost in your energy levels and overall well-being. Our exercises are designed to increase stamina, improve mood, and enhance mental clarity, helping you feel revitalized and more vibrant every day.

Improved Functional Fitness

Gain strength, flexibility, and balance through targeted workouts that make daily activities easier and reduce the risk of falls. This practical approach to fitness means you can enjoy a more active, independent lifestyle.

Get Started In Two Simple Steps

  1. Schedule your introductory assessment call with Cara-Michele.
  2. Complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.

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