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What to expect when you come to Strength & Vitality Wellness Center

We have chosen an approach that is comprehensive and in partnership with other healthcare professionals. Whether you came to us for a few pain-relief sessions or looking for dynamic lifestyle change, we will work together to develop a custom plan that fits your needs.

Free Consultation

consultation-editedLet’s start with a free consultation.We’ll give you a call in response to your inquiry to schedule the best time to meet in our Baltimore office. The goal of this meeting is to discuss your health concerns and help us understand what’s important to you. We will also take the time to explain our approach, the value that others have received, and how partnering with Strength & Vitality Wellness Center may bring expected, as well as unexpected benefits into your life. By the end of our conversation we will know whether we can help and you will know whether Strength & Vitality Wellness Center is a good fit for you.


The First Appointment

We’ll use the first appointment to establish two things:

  1. Where do you currently stand on your wellness journey?
  2. What are our goals and priorities while working together?

In order for us to get a better picture of your current state of health and mind, we ask you to fill out a few surveys prior to your first appointment. We made this convenient to you by making the forms available to fill out online. We will ask you to do this before your first appointment. This will save us time and help understand your symptoms and identify the most appropriate treatment strategy quickly.

Additionally, we may conduct several tests and exams to further narrow down how we can help improve your health and wellness.

  • Muscle testing to test specific organs, glands and systems for their energetic competence and thus identify areas of need.
  • Physical exam to look at physical indicators of internal distress.

The information collected from these tests and surveys will help us determine our priorities, set our goals and establish appointment schedule. You can think of the forms and exams as your 21-point inspection that allows me to understand what is going on with all of you, not just your pain.

All your records will be kept confidential and won’t be shared with anyone without your permission.

Healing Phase

Based on the survey results, as well as your personal goals and preferences, we will choose the best treatment approach that meets your needs. From evaluating our clients’ health improvements and feedback, we’ve found that a comprehensive care approach that combines nutrition coaching and acupuncture delivers the best results. However, if you choose to try acupuncture or nutrition coaching on their own, we respect your decision.

During this healing phase, you will come in for your acupuncture and or nutrition appointments at the regular intervals that you and Cara-Michele agree upon.  We will ask you to repeat some of the tests and surveys periodically to assess your progress. Everyone’s healing rate is different, but by the end of the healing phase you should experience a major relief of the symptoms that brought you to Strength & Vitality Wellness Center.

Maintenance Plan

After the healing phase, our treatment frequency slows down to maintenance visits every three to four weeks. At this point, most people are sleeping better, experiencing menstrual cycles or menopause with more ease, feeling more energetic, having less sweet and carbohydrate cravings, experiencing relief from their original joint pain, and mentally processing life with more ease and clarity.

Once the bigger health issues are gone, you might think of some special projects you want to work on depending on your unique state of health. We’ll be happy to guide you on this journey to a better, healthier and happier you.

Request a free consultation today to discuss how we can help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals.

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