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Cara-Michele Nether
Nutrition Counselor and Licensed Acupuncturist
in Baltimore, MD

Strength & Vitality Wellness Center is a Mt. Washington wellness clinic providing nutritional family care and licensed acupuncture in Baltimore, MD. Cara-Michele Nether is a licensed Baltimore acupuncturist, whole foods nutrition counselor, certified personal trainer, Functional Aging Specialist, and Certified Tai Chi Instructor. Cara-Michele has over a decade of experience in acupuncture treatments, alternative medicine, and health coaching.

Our functional approach consists of a mix of acupuncture, functional whole food nutrition counseling, movement and wellness based lifestyle advice that is aimed to help you ensure Strength & Vitality so you can take of the people and passions that matter in your life.

We can help you evaluate your health concerns and get to the root cause of your physical symptoms, which we will then treat with the help of:

What We Treat and Who We Help

At Strength & Vitality Wellness Center, our mission is to help you achieve the Strength & Vitality you need to care for the people and passions in your life that matter most. No matter what is holding your health back, we’ll help you find it and treat it. People come with us with numerous ailments, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, lower back pain, panic attacks, sinus infections, allergies, joint pain, sports injuries, excess weight, arthritis, nutritional imbalances, etc. In most of these cases, we are able to help treat the root of the problem.  Why choose drugs when you can use something natural?

We help women, men, children, and families

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your gender is: if you don’t feel like your health is at 100%, we can help you get there. When you are ready to embark on this journey to a healthier you, it’s easier if your whole family is on board. Their support and companionship are especially valuable if you are about to make a significant lifestyle change. Our customers report that when their partner’s back feels better or when the kids aren’t sick all the time, the household runs smoother.

Why Strength & Vitality Wellness Center?

If you are looking for an alternative medicine practitioner or acupuncture in Baltimore, Towson or nearby areas, you don’t need to look any further. The main reason clients choose to work with us is that our approach and treatments work, and the level of care and personal attention you find at Strength & Vitality Wellness Center is hard to match. Some of our clients come to us from as far as Annapolis because the way they feel when they leave us after treatment is worth it. When you get to know us, you will find that we are:

  • Kind, friendly and professional
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in what we do
  • Offer calm, peaceful, judgment-free environment
  • Explain every step and are always here to answer your questions
  • Seek and treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms
  • Work with your schedule and with your budget

Don’t let disease put your life on hold

While relief from physical and emotional conditions is essential, our bigger goal is the prevention of diabetes, heart disease and cancers — the top three killers in the U.S. Unlike a broken bone, neck pain or bloating, these disease states brew in our bodies for years before showing any signs. Lifestyle is the primary culprit — not genetics as many people think. Nutrition, exercise and stress reduction techniques all play a significant role in ensuring your long-term health and wellness. Let us help you live a longer, healthier life through quality nutritional care, movement, and acupuncture. We are located in the Mt. Washington area of Baltimore, MD, and we serve clients all throughout the Baltimore area, including Towson, Bel Air, Reisterstown, Timonium, Owings Mills, Cockeysville and even Southern PA.

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