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Pain Management Testimonials

Watch how acupuncture helped Michele get rid of her lower back pain.

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Nutrition Coaching Testimonials

Get your IBS or other digestive tract issues under control

I came in with disruptive Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Over the past several years the intensity of my IBS would shift and change from every other day to once a week.  I was skeptical of the supplements because I don’t like to take pills.  After my first two weeks of not running to the bathroom, I started to think that there was hope.  I feel confident that the supplements will continue to give me room to expand my horizons.  If you are experiencing similar issues document your IBS and the go and talk with Cara-Michele.  The muscle testing will pin point what you need to take.

Pat Novak, Baltimore, MD

Normalize your digestion

I finally found my Wellness Angel! Three years ago I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. I already  had IBS. After losing 40 lbs, taking spasm medicine for very bad pain in my colon, putting nausea pills under my tongue, and having periods of not being able to eat due to pain, I found someone who could help me.
My stools were very hard round balls, and even though I moved my bowels, I never really emptied my stomach. I had been to two different gastroenterologist, neither one could  help me. I found Cara-Michele Nether, Women In Wellness. In addition to acupuncture, she gave me dietary supplements. After only 1 session, I was able to have normal bowel movements. After 3 sessions, my food was moving through my stomach in a normal way. I felt well for the first time in 3 years. We are now also working on other problems and I have all of the confidence in the world that she will help me. She is an acupuncturist and nutritionist and my WELLNESS ANGEL!
Myrna Spevak, Towson, MD

Understand how food affects your body

I came in with Hot flashes that interfered with my sleep and daily activities.  I often felt self-conscious that people would see how hot and sweaty I would become in an instant.  After taking the supplements for 4 weeks all of my symptoms were literally gone.  I highly recommend anyone with similar symptoms to try the supplements. The purification helped me focus on eating the right food.  I became more in tuned with what foods worked best with my body.  It was a practical and experiential guide to lead me to feeling awesome.

Debra Arnold, Baltimore, MD 

Eat right and reduce stress

After starting the supplements my overall energy level and attitude has changed.  I’m not so emotionally triggered.  Things bounce off me more and I don’t feel so tight. I can manage my stressors better.

Emily Frenchy, Baltimore, MD

Purification Program Testimonials

I tried the cleanse because I felt a bit overweight and was unable to sleep. One of my biggest concerns was adjusting to the absence of certain food groups.  The first day was tough because I felt hungry.  After that everything was OK.  Within the first three days I felt energized.  After the first 7 days I was able to sleep and had high energy levels.  I felt had lots of energy when I ended the program.  I was grateful for night without sleeplessness.  My favorite shake flavor combination was banana and pineapple.  If you are thinking about the program know that the benefits are epic!  I’m certainly thinking of doing the program again because I love feeling healthy.

Pat Novak, Baltimore, MD

Marne was nervous and hesitant at first, but watch what happened when she tried it!

Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture helps connect physical and emotional pain

I started seeing Cara-Michele because I wanted relief from some of the pain from grieving. I am in less pain physically now, especially in my hip and knee joints. Now I am able to see and feel the connection between grief and physical pain. Cara-Michele knows a lot about the body and openly gives advice and tender care. She is kind, gentle and nurturing, and professional as well.

Dottie Drumm, Baltimore, MD

Acupuncture can cure your sleep problems

I decided to see Cara-Michele because I was experiencing serious sleep problems, and as a result I felt tired all of the time and had trouble concentrating. Since beginning treatment, I feel that I am firmly on the path to a complete recovery, and I couldn’t be happier. I have learned that while acupuncture is a great treatment, it must be balanced and supplemented with a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise. Cara-Michele takes the time to understand her clients and their afflictions. I felt that my therapy was catered directly to my specific needs. You’ll be in great hands with Cara-Michele.

Greg Manger, Catonsville, MD

Reduce the number of medications you are taking

If you could feel better without taking prescriptions and over the counter medications, wouldn’t you want to? I first came to Cara-Michele because I was looking for healing, and I wanted to feel 100% physically. Since I began treatment, I now experience more control over my body. I can catch the ‘caution’ signs I missed before. Through Cara-Michele, I have learned my health is in my hands.

Rusty Hough Bader, Towson, MD 

Erase anger and resentment with acupuncture

Cara-Michele is a gifted acupuncturist who literally gave me my life back.  I have dealt with feelings of anxiety, anger, and/or depression intermittently for much of my adult life.  I had been diagnosed with PTSD and understood the triggers that would periodically unravel my life, but had little or no control over the emotions that would roil inside of me.  By the winter of 2009-2010 my anger and resentment were spilling over into relationships unrelated to the source of my problems. I remember telling Cara-Michele that I no longer recognized myself, that I had no idea who I was any more.  I went for the BOLD, a series of 8 treatments over a 4 week period.  I gave myself over to the treatments and followed Cara-Michele’s suggestions for early morning walks and eliminating certain sugars from my life.  At first Cara-Michele saw more progress than I did.  Then, in what felt to me like a switch being thrown, the anger and resentment completely evaporated.  For the first time in my life I fully understood that my past was controlling my present and that change was possible.  My journey is not over but I now know that I have the power within me to redirect my life to one of peace and joy, leaving the past behind and the future to take care of itself.   Thank you, Cara-Michele.

Barbara Young

Reduce cigarette cravings with acupuncture

I came to see Cara-Michele for help with cigarette cravings.  I had quit smoking a few months prior and suddenly started experiencing cravings for cigarettes. After a few treatments my cravings diminished immensely.  During my time working with Cara-Michele I was reminded that my thoughts control my behavior and I started changing my thoughts when they land on cigarettes. For anyone thinking of working with Cara-Michele I would say it is a wonderful experience and it is extremely helpful.

Claudette W Gadsden-Hrobak,  Baltimore, MD

Learn to listen to your body

I began treatment with Cara-Michele because of shoulder discomfort, reoccurring back issue and weight management.  After several treatments I have noticed that my shoulder discomfort has almost completely gone and back issues have been significantly minimized.  Working with Cara-Michele I have learned how to better listen to my body and its signals and react accordingly.  I’ve learned how to better position myself to get the most out of what I want for myself.  If you are considering treatment with Cara-Michele I suggest that you DO IT!  Don’t wait another minute.  I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

Carlotta Oliver, Baltimore, MD 

Find the root of the problem

I came to Cara-Michele to seek treatment for my eczema.  It is a lingering condition affecting my skin, but I’ve learned to better manage it and reduce the severity of outbreaks since starting my treatment. I’ve learned not to define myself in terms of my skin condition. I learned that the eczema on my skin was a call to action to recognize that I had personal and professional issues that needed to be explored and given some reflective time and consideration.  If there is anyone who whats a partner to help time take a deeper look at the root cause of their symptoms I would say, do it now, you owe it to yourself.

Debbie, Baltimore, Maryland

Regain balance in your life

I started working with Cara-Michele due to a number of issues related to stress and living out of balance. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, digestive issues, back pain, joint pain and difficulty slowing down long enough to listen to the information my body and spirit were giving me.  Since working in partnership with Cara-Michele, I have addressed the root of my physical and emotional issues that brought me into treatment. I have become better equipped at living in balance and prioritizing how I take care of my mind, body, and spirit. I have less pain, less stress, and more energy to live with intention.  During my session I have learned how to be in sacred relationship with my body, mind and spirit. Working with Cara-Michele has increased my ability to live fully and with increased consciousness.

Erica Woodland, Oakland, CA 

Replenish your energy

I started treatment with Cara-Michele because of my lack of energy and fairly severe allergy symptoms in the spring and fall.  All of my symptoms have improved dramatically.  My allergies are virtually non-existent and my energy level and stamina have greatly increased.  I have learned a great deal about my behaviors and how they affect me and the people around me.  Seeing Cara-Michele has been an amazing, life transforming experience.  She is someone I can trust.

Alexis Vasilos, Baltimore

Get rid of depression and be whole again

I came to Cara-Michele to address my depression.  Working with her has made a tremendous difference in my life.  I can feel my blood flowing again, I am mentally stronger, and enjoy an overall feeling of being whole.  I have learned to keep my center and I have realized how strong I really am.  I have a sense of self that I have never had before.  Cara-Michele is not only a talented professional, but someone I can trust and confide in.

Michele, Baltimore, MD

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