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We want to make it easy for you to get a thermography scan right here in our Mt. Washington, Baltimore office when your ready.

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See how our comprehensive approach can help you

A full-body thermogram scan can show early signs before they turn into diseases and health conditions.

Inflammation is a precursor to many diseases, including but not limited to breast cancer, arthritis, stroke, heart disease, hypertensions and diabetes. Thermography is a diagnostic tool that allows us to record heat patterns caused by inflammation and analyze them for abnormalities.

Normal Breast Scan

Abnormal Breast Scan

Upcoming Thermography Scans in Baltimore

Strength & Vitality Wellness Center has offered thermography services to our visitors and clients for over 10 years.

This 15-minute, pain-free and non-invasive procedure can help detect irregular patterns without the use of radiation years before mammogram. Thermography testing can be used for early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer between mammograms or as an alternative to mammography.

2023 Dates: 

  • February 15th
  • April 12th
  • June 7th
  • August 9th
  • October 18t
  • December 6th

Avoid heavy exercise, deodorant, spicy foods, hot beverages, body creams and lotions, gum chewing, and tight-fitting clothing on the day of your thermogram. Contact us if you have any questions or if you are unsure whether a thermogram is the right solution for you!

What are the benefits of Thermography?

thermography scanning

Thermography can be used on many parts of your body, not only breast tissue, and is a good way to proactively manage your health. This test is designed to improve chances for detecting fast-growing, active tumors.

  • No radiation involved – the procedure is completely safe.
  • It’s pain-free and highly accurate.
  • Mammography detects masses, while thermography detects development of unhealthy tissue before it turns into a disease.
  • Measuring inflammation through thermal imaging on a consistent basis can also be very effective for detecting the severity of an existent medical condition.
If your thermography scan reveals inflammation, Strength & Vitality Wellness Center can help you design a regiment that will help reduce it over time. Inflammation can be reduced by dietary changes, supplements, detoxification, stress-reduction and acupuncture. Let’s work together and see what progress we can make before your next thermography appointment!

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